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Jan 20, 2009 10:50 AM

Inaugural Lunch

From the Chow main menu.

Here is the Inaugural Luncheon menu.
Seafood stew in puff pastry,
2007 Sauvignon blanc Napa Valley

Duck breast with cherry chutney,
Herb roasted pheasant with wild rice stuffing,
Molasses whipped sweet potatoes, winter vegetables (which curiously include asparagus and wax beans),
2005 Pinot Noir Anderson Valley

“Cinnamon Apple Sponge Cake,” which is more like an apple charlotte made with brioche.
Korbel Natural "Inauguration Special Cuvee", California Champagne

So, what the hell is wrong with a cheese steak and beer?

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  1. LOL - I thought the same thing. What's wrong with a good burger (which I've read our President loves) and ice cream.

    1. Nothing wrong with cheese steak or burgers, but they are not generally considered special occasion foods, especially in a formal setting.

      1. These are the threads that often give me a chuckle? Burgers and ice cream? I know many a bride and groom who love burgers, beer, fries, ice cream, buffalo wings, etc. but how many have them for their formal wedding reception.

        It was a formal luncheon for a man on the most significant day of his life for an event that changed history, with the appropriate pomp and circumstance. A cheesesteak, while a great food, did not fit the bill.

        1. I wondered how anyone could eat that much for lunch. Was there also an official inauguration dinner at the balls?

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            I think Pepto Bismol was the official inaugural antacid.

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              Earlier thread on one (more?) of the Inaugural ball dinners with a link to an article. I've read that most people often don't eat - they barely manage to just have cheese, crackers and crudites, if they can get them. Too crowded.



            2. Hey, Phaedrus, when I first saw your post, I thought it was another one of your funny bomb-throwing efforts but geez!
              You were right on.
              That menu wasn't so bad. Not too fussy in the scheme of things. A cup of soup, some poultry and a little dessert.
              The caterer that handled that could have had them in and out of there in no time. I've used them over the past couple of decades for events large and small and they can do things to the minute. Thorough pros.

              The problem was the damned back-patting and self-congratulatory speechifying.
              Holy crap! By the time Feinstein explained the painting, Pelosi drooled over the flags and Reid went on and on,and everyone jockeyed for position for their spot in the photos with the Lenox crystal bowls, not to mention the medical emergencies with poor Teddy Kennedy and Bobby Byrd, the entire thing dragged on waaaaay past a reasonable hour.

              There were ordinary American freezing their asses off out in sub-freezing temperatures, waiting for the Inaugural Parade.
              All they wanted was one brief glimpse of Cadillac One - or the Beast, as it's being called - and many of them had staked out places along that parade route before dawn.
              They wanted to see Barack Obama even if he was behind 5 inches of bulletproof plexiglass.

              What were they thinking?
              Or not thinking?

              The Parade did not begin until late. Was it 4 PM???
              It finished waaay after dark.
              Congress can afford to skip a few meals.
              And they can sure skip the damned speeches.
              They talk way too much anyway.

              Can't even a bunch of Chowhounds say that food isn't THAT important.
              They could have given the new President some cheese and crackers for the car ride.
              Get out there with the folks.

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              1. re: MakingSense

                >>Hey, Phaedrus, when I first saw your post, I thought it was another one of your funny bomb-throwing efforts but geez!
                You were right on.<<

                Awww, you're making me blush!!!!