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Jan 20, 2009 10:21 AM

Where can I find Banh Xeo and Bun Bo Hue on the Eastside

HELP! I work on the Eastside and I can't find any Vietnamese restaurant's that serve Bun Bo Hue and Banh Xeo. Sometimes I wish I had taken a job in Seattle instead so I'd have access to better places to eat.

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  1. I saw a little Pho place has opened next to the dry cleaner on Lakeview drive (I think) in Kirkland. I only drive through Kirkland, so I"m not sure what the road that runs by the lake is called. Where eastside are you? Bellevue has quite a few Vietnamese restaurants, no just Pho restaurants.

    1. Where on the eastside? If it's close enough to Sunset Blvd or downtown Renton, there should be at least a few places there. A couple places up north too, but nothing really in between (Bellevue, Redmond, etc.). There you'll just find the average Viet fare.

      1. Where on the Eastside are you? I'm in Factoria, and there is this tiny little takeout place called Saigon Deli (38th and Factoria) that I think does Bun. I know for sure they do vietnamese sandwiches and pho.

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          I remember the takeout place being pretty small. What they still have soupy messy stuff like Bun Bo Hue?

          Off-topic - Due to this thread I went to Pho Express on 124th in Kirkland. It was canned soup pho. Bleh. It's spendy and stingy on portions to boot.

        2. OMG, I have the SAME problem. There is no place on the Eastside that serves those well. Monsoon just opened an Eastside location so try banh xeo there, call first to be sure they have it. Also, Four Square in Factoria has Bun Bo Hue but it is horrible (they put bo vien in it). You have to go to Seattle or make it yourself. Sorry.

          1. If you're near Renton, there's a place on Sunset Blvd, pretty close to 405, that serves a pretty delicious, albeit greasy, Banh Xeo for $6. I don't recall the name of the place, but it's next to a gas station, a Herfy's, and some place called the No Bull Saloon.

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              Yes - that was the place in Renton I was thinking of. Not good, but it'll do the job.

              North of Canyon Park, there's Pho Bothell which serves both Bun Bo Hue and Banh Xeo and they do a fairly good job. But that's probably a little too far north. They're also tucked very far inside a strip mall and out of sight, so I don't see them surviving for much longer.