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Jan 20, 2009 09:34 AM

Any information about meat and produce suppliers in Baja California?

Looking for quality, not quantity and any info would help greatly! Many thanks!

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  1. The best supplier by far is El Sargazo , it's a company that was started by Pablo Ferrer who is an Oceanogapher from the local university (Ensenada) UABC . Pablo has a great love for food , back when I was the chef for the Santa Tomas winery (about 12 yrs ago)I meet him when he was still a student he would get in the kitchen and help . We would have guest chefs come for the Vendimia festival mainly from Mexico city , when they saw the produce available they would flip out. Pablo saw the oportunity and took it . He is now the most important quality fish supplier in Mexico all the top restaurants in the country buy from him. the company has expanded and the have a division in Cabo called "Gastronomica Los Cabos ". He now sells many other things than fish Oysters, clams, mussels Fam raised like organic vegetables, he is the ditributor for the Ramonetti cheese, olives, olive oil. They also import many items into Mexico from California specially for the restaurants in Cabo. Very nice pork also Funny story the pork is shiped from Canada to Tijuana to be butcher (cheaper labor) , relly nice pork. When you come into the Ensenada bay you can see some circles in the ocean that's where they have the blue fin tuna getting fat to be shiped to Japan , Sargazo can get it for you no one else.
    There is in the Santo Tomas complex a store called Peras y Peras they have nice produce
    right next door is pescaderia Garo they have many nice things too it's a fiha place but they carry organic produce from local producers.
    It is a very sad thing to say but in general the handling of fish in Mexico is done in a bad manner. An example Mercado de la Nueva Viga in Mexico city handles more fish than any other on the planet including the famous Tsukiji market in Tokio but and is a BIG but the handling in the most part sucks... If you don't know your way around fish you could get something not so nice.There is a lot of quantity but not quality. I guess it's a cultural thing.
    So back to el Sargazo , the handling of the produce is top level.
    The #in Ensenada is 646 1758505 i(Idon't have the # for Cabo ) f you have any problems contacting them let me know

    There is a farmers market type thing going on on wednesdays at Rancho El Mogor in Guadalupe, go early because they run out of things fast

    There is another company that brings things from the states Importadora del Pacifico.

    Meat .... what can I say most restaurants buy their meat at Costco .....
    We have it shiped fom Sonora by plane , for Manzanilla and Silvestre .
    There is a company from Mexicali that I can't remember their name they carry good meat I buy from them Criadillas (Rocky mountain oysters) Kidney and oxtail. if you are interested I can get the info . La Canasta is a big meat supplier in Ensenada you can find lamb, pork , beef, duck mostly imported frozen. I think it's on second st. just before the river.(dried)

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      Muchas gracias compadre! You have been a great help and I appreciate your thoughts and resources!

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        Hi Bigotes,

        I love your experience and detailed response. I am helping create a foodie destination in southern Baja and am looking for recommendations of Baja artisans, chefs, and food entrepreneurs looking for a fantastic new opportunity. Anyone have any suggestions or ideas?