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cashew cookie recipe?

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Anyone have a cashew cookie recipe they'd be willing to share? I'm especially interested in something with both chewy and crunchy textures to it. Thanks very much!

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  1. There is a cashew cookie in Rose Levy Beranbaum's Christmas cookie book. I don't remember a lot about it, as it's been probably a decade since I made it (not a big cashew fan) but I liked it, and my dad LOVED it (he adores cashews.) I seem to recall there's also a cashew cookie in Martha Stewart's cookie book, but I haven't made that one. I hope I'm not leading you astray on that one...

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      tempehtempeh, I smashed up TJ's sweet and salty (cashews mostly) trail mix and used it in a Mexican wedding cookie that I found in tastespotting. The novelty (duh!) of this particular wedding cookie was that it was flattened, and oddly enough, it made a difference! Well, to me. I ate them all.

      Here is the recipe. I tried it with both the cashew mix and pistachios and it was delish both times:


    2. i have made this recipe from gourmet's december edition, dutch caramel cashew cookies. you make a cashew praline which you blend into cookie dough. it's delicious, definitely crunchy / chewy / melty. easier than it sounds.


      1. Thanks for the great suggestions and recipes - I'll report back!

        1. Funny, cashew cookies have been on my radar lately too. This is the one I printed out but haven't tried yet. It got good reviews. I plan to chocolate coat instead of frosting with the confect. sugar/whipped cream.


          1. Here's a recipe from Gourmet for Brazilian cashew cookies that I intended to make. It's crumbly, though.


            1. So, instead of trying any of the delish-looking recipes y'all provided, I made a kind of basic cookie dough (butter, even mix of brown & white sugar, egg, vanilla, white flour, half tsp each of soda and powder) and mixed in some chopped cashews that I'd lightly candied & roasted with kosher salt and some cayenne. Then I formed them into little balls and rolled them in more of the same cashews, even more finely chopped, including all the salty spicy shards of carmelized sugar that adhered or not to the nuts. Baked at 350 until just barely browned around the edges. They came out quite flat and crisp. I'm a big fan of salt/sweet/heat combos and these li'l guys fill the bill perfectly.