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Jan 20, 2009 09:20 AM

High Quality Miso in Toronto

Does anyone have any recommendations where I can purchase good quality miso? Is organic an option?

I will check Taro's, but I am wondering if there are other places I should look to.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I get mine from a small shop on the ground level of the SLM. I'm not an expert on miso quality, but the stuff they sell is organic and has worked out well in any recipes I've tried it in. I can't remember the brand name but I think they only sell one. Unfortunately they only have a red and a white, your not going to find a miso from a specific prefecture or anything.

    1. Try PAT and the other Korean grocers first, Heisei at J-Town second, T&T last.

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      1. re: Kagemusha

        keep in mind that you don't wanna substitute doenjang with miso blindly

        Doenjang i couldn't see being spread on a fish for example

        I'm sure Kagemusha meant you could find japanese miso at PAT but wanted to make the clarification as my parents use the words doenjang and miso interchangeably but I find the flavour profiles quite different

        EDIT: managed to dig up a chowhound thread explaining the differences

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          They have a large selection of miso at Sanko, a small Japanese market on Queen W. (west of Bathurst on the north side).

      2. Thank you all. The search begins.

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          Please let us know how the search goes!

        2. I managed to stop by Taro's and Sanko last week. Apart from fresh fish, Sanko has a much wider selection of all other Japanese ingrediets. Taro's had 3-4 Miso pastes, while Sanko seemed to have well over a dozen. The price for Organic Miso, both red and white, was 50 cents cheaper at Sanko.

          One down side Sanko is that a lot of labels are written in Japanese, but the staff are friendly to assist.

          One word of caution: Parking is scarce in the area but Sanko has it's own lot. I would recommend anyone who parks on Sanko to inform the store you are parking there, especially if you are not Japanese. When I was parking there was what looked to be an employee parking there as well. He must have assumed that I was not going into the store and called for my car to get ticketed. I only noticed the ticket on my way home and now I have a court date!

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          1. re: Apprentice

            P.A.T. is more amenable to parking, and has a large selection of Japanese miso

            P.A.T. East Market
            1973 Lawrence Ave E, Toronto, ON M1R, CA

            P A T Central Market
            675 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6G, CA

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              Didn't realize PAT was in Scar. Thanks

            2. re: Apprentice

              FYI, check Sanko's stale dates. Assortment might be impressive but it doesn't turn-over as quickly as PAT.