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Jan 20, 2009 09:11 AM

Florence lunch near Uffizi

Continuing my search for the right place to eat lunch, please recommend a restaurant near the Uffizi.

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  1. I recently had lunch at Paoli...delicious. The address: Via dei Tavolini 12r

    1. We've had lunch at Paoli and think it good. Other nearby places to consider:
      -Vini e Vecchi Sapori Via dei Magazzini 3/R This place is across the Piazza Signoria from the Uffizi on a small street which you enter from the Piazza. Small place but excellent home cooking among the natives.
      -Trattoria Antico Fattore Via Lambertesca 1/3r This restaurant is a 1-minute walk from the Uffizi, through a passageway on the west wing of the museum. Excellent dish is the gnocchi in black truffle sauce and pici alla Senese is another fine one.

      I suggest you do a search on this boad for my last report on Florence restaurants to get more info on these places and on others you want to try during your visit to Florence if you plan to be there for more than the day. Find the post at "Florence Report - December 2007"

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        Two of the best restaurants for me also turned out to be the most inexpensive of our trip to Florence.Just past the Palazzo Pitti (Piazza San Felice 8-10r ,continue on Via Romana) is La Mangiatoia. This is a rosticceria when you first enter. They sell all kinds of roast meats and nice pastas and sides to go. If you want to eat there the dining room is upstairs, pass the little cluster of tables at the top and go into the room to the left. We had very delicious yet simple food here and everything is homemade. I had a dish of little meatballs and peas that was amazingly tasty and a wonderful apple cake. closed on Mondays.

        The other place we really enjoyed was Casalinga on Via dei Michelozzi 9r. This is also very close to the Pitti near Santo Spirito. Great food and very good value. Closed on Sundays.

        1. re: colcos

          Casalinga is a good choice, HOWEVER, it is not "near the Uffizi". You have to cross the river and walk some to get there. It appeared that the OP wanted a place quite near the museum.

      2. La Buca d'Orfeo, which is right on the Arno (down a couple of steps -- Buca is basement) in between the Uffizi and the Ponte Vecchio. It's the place I return to each time I visit Florence.