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Sugar Free Smoothies, Shave Ice, Boba, Fro Yo in L.A. County?

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Found some information on sugar free cold desserts in outlying areas, but was wondering about stuff in L.A. county.

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  1. Yogurt Land! Great selection of frozen yogurt and it's all fat free!

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      cool, SF is hard to find, so it's nice to see another chain carrying it

    2. It's very hard to find sugar-free smoothies etc (even starbucks doesn't do a SF Frap - their light version isn't SF), Cold Stone does a SF ice cream but it has that chemical that can do a number on your tummy. If you can find a Penguins, they have SF fro-yo. Remember people, fat-free and sugar-free aren't the same thing.

      1. There is a Penguin's in Northridge at Devonshire & Reseda. NW corner.

        1. I go to Menchie's froyo a lot and there's always at least 2 sugar free flavors there.. but i love the real sugar stuff.

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            Oh that's great to hear about Menchie's. They are building one down the street from us in Sherman Oaks (Dixie Canyon/Ventura)