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Jan 20, 2009 08:09 AM

Philly Hot Dog Cafe

The Philly Hot Dog Cafe in Limerick was mentioned in another thread a few days with the day off...I decided to take my three-year old to try it out.

It sits on Ridge Pike...just a short distance west of the new shopping area that has Target and Giant. Very nice inside with plenty of seating. My three year old had the foot-long and fries and I ordered the Southern Dog--that came with chili and coleslaw.

The dogs were great...they use Vienna beef franks from Chicago...a great tasting frank. Fries were excellent...I had to fight my three year old for some!

The manager and owner were very nice and noted business has been good...just slower now after the first of the year. I could have eaten one...maybe two more of the Southern dogs...but I have that New Year's resolution thing going.

They also make other sandwiches and have home made soups. It is a bit of drive for me...but I will certainly be back for more great dogs.

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      1. Great food, and nice people. Sometimes you have to wait because they make everything to order, but the wait is worth it because the dog is big and the roll from the conshohocken bakery is fresh and it is just all around good. My favorite is the Texas Tommy, but I am working around the board.

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          I have been back about five times now since my post...each time the food has been great. I want to try other dogs...but I just love the Southern Dog with chili and coleslaw! My last visit was on a Saturday and by the time I left...all the tables were full and a good line waiting to order. Glad to see there business was picking up.

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            I went a few times before moving and I would agree that the dogs are very good.

            Just my two cents, but their hours aren't very good. I think they close at 7, which is pretty early given that many people don't even get home from work until after 6. Further, both times that I went, people would come in at 6:45 and the manager/owner turned the business away (not exactly in the nicest way either to be honest). In addition the staff and he didn't seem to mind putting chairs up and sweeping up even though people are still there eating.

            Either way, I don't live close by any more, so it's a relative non-issue, but it's always been one of my pet peeves of places closing earlier than their posted hours state. if you are open until a certain time, then you should serve until that time, not 15 minutes earlier.