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Jan 20, 2009 07:25 AM

Chicken Wings in Ocean City MD?

Going to be in Ocean City MD for the superbowl looking for chicken wings??

Thanks Mike

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  1. Big Peckers used to have great wings a few years ago, but haven't been in awhile. So did the Island Cafe.


    1. Smitty Magees on Rt 54 in Fenwick Island ( North Oc) has the best wings at the beach. Also a great place to see the game. Nobody has more TVs per customer. I like to get wings and deathburgers( little burgers you buy by the dozen).

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      1. I saw this Superbowl catered menu on the door the other day at Fisher Bay Gourmet. It is in Lewes but I thought I would mention it in case you were interested in take-out or just for future reference. We live in Lewes and love Fisher Bay for sandwiches. My husband's workplace regularly has them cater company lunches for meetings. The food is always excellent. Here is their website if you are interested.

        1. I'll second the nod for Smitty's - always reliable in the wing department (though the rest of their food, not so great). Kirby's on 94th St. does some good wings, too.