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Jan 20, 2009 07:24 AM

Tasty Sandwiches near 50th Street & Bway

I work on 50th and Bway and have not really found any good deli/ bodega, sandwich shop that makes anything more creative than a cuban sandwich. Does anyone have any recommendations? I'm just looking for some creativitiy and variety.
I'm sick to death of Subway!

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    1. My suggestions may be a bit out of the way, as I work much further west in Midtown, but I don't think you can beat Cafe Olé on 54th Street, right off 10th Ave. (It's tiny & I don't think they deliver though.)

      There's Say Cheese on 9th Ave between 45th & 46th, too.

      There's also Sandwich Planet on 9th Ave between 39th & 40th. Can't go wrong with them. And they definitely deliver.

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        If delivery is what you want, there's also Blue Flowers, Food World, Wich Craft

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          Second Sandwich Planet if delivery is an option.

        2. While it may not be super creative, one of the best bets for sandwiches around there is Amish Market- relatively inexpensive, nice good sized, high quality sandwiches, and the option to get other fun things like small desserts while there. 9th b/w 49th and 50th.

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            I actually really enjoy Amish Market. The have a delish buffalo chicken sandwich.
            I'm definitely looking to broaden my lunch horizons as well.

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              I strongly agree with this. I went here today for lunch and had a Chicken, Pesto, Mozzarella, and Artichoke sandwich on Crusty Bread. Really delicious, enormous, and $6.95.

            2. If you're willing to get delivery, you will broaden your horizons. Tehuitzingo can deliver a massive and satisfying Mexican torta. will have other recommendations.

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                thanks! I'll check that out.

                Oh I see Sullivan Street Bakery is close by! cool map

              2. I'm not really looking for delivery options. While certainly an option, I like to walk around during lunch and get out of my dreary office and the horrible drones who work here!