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Tasty Sandwiches near 50th Street & Bway

I work on 50th and Bway and have not really found any good deli/ bodega, sandwich shop that makes anything more creative than a cuban sandwich. Does anyone have any recommendations? I'm just looking for some creativitiy and variety.
I'm sick to death of Subway!

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    1. My suggestions may be a bit out of the way, as I work much further west in Midtown, but I don't think you can beat Cafe Olé on 54th Street, right off 10th Ave. (It's tiny & I don't think they deliver though.)

      There's Say Cheese on 9th Ave between 45th & 46th, too.

      There's also Sandwich Planet on 9th Ave between 39th & 40th. Can't go wrong with them. And they definitely deliver.

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        If delivery is what you want, there's also Blue Flowers, Food World, Wich Craft

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          Second Sandwich Planet if delivery is an option.

        2. While it may not be super creative, one of the best bets for sandwiches around there is Amish Market- relatively inexpensive, nice good sized, high quality sandwiches, and the option to get other fun things like small desserts while there. 9th b/w 49th and 50th.

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            I actually really enjoy Amish Market. The have a delish buffalo chicken sandwich.
            I'm definitely looking to broaden my lunch horizons as well.

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              I strongly agree with this. I went here today for lunch and had a Chicken, Pesto, Mozzarella, and Artichoke sandwich on Crusty Bread. Really delicious, enormous, and $6.95.

            2. If you're willing to get delivery, you will broaden your horizons. Tehuitzingo can deliver a massive and satisfying Mexican torta. www.midtownlunch.com will have other recommendations.

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                thanks! I'll check that out.

                Oh I see Sullivan Street Bakery is close by! cool map

              2. I'm not really looking for delivery options. While certainly an option, I like to walk around during lunch and get out of my dreary office and the horrible drones who work here!

                1. Belly Deli right on Broadway. It is pretty generic deli, but they make good sandwiches(when they arent getting seized by the Tax Dept.)

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                    Belly Deli is closed and doesn't look like it will be reopening anytime soon. Emmet O'Lunney's around the corner makes pretty good sandwiches. Their grilled chicken sandwiches are probably the best. My faves for creative sandwiches are Amish Market and Lenny's. I think a Lenny's recently opened around 54th and 8th, or you can brave the crowds at the 48th st location.

                    Amish Market
                    731 9th Ave, New York, NY 10019

                    Emmett O'Lunney's
                    210 W 50th St, New York, NY 10019

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                      yea, i was back in the neighborhood the other day and saw that it was cleaned out and for rent. i'll miss it.

                      amish market is worth the hike, always high quality sandwiches.

                  2. I really like amish market's deli sandwiches too and if you do head out to 9th Ave, then Hallo Berlin's brats sandwiches are also fair game

                    1. Hallo Berlin Express at 50th + 9th has some great German-style sandwiches.

                      1. if you want to walk a little bit, go to Certe on 55th b/t 5th and 6th. Great sandwiches.

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                          otbp1, what do you order at Certe? I haven't visited recently but did go several times in the past. While I got excited about the food offerings (a lot of different stuff pretty nicely presented), when I actually ate them I recall always being kind of disappointed. I also found I ended up spending a little more than I intended, so I guess between the double-whammy of more money for okay but not great food have kept me away. But my office is nearby and like OP I'm looking to branch out at lunchtime.

                        2. I like Amy's Bread - my favorite is their grilled cheese with tomato, red onion and cilantro. They have a nice selection of sandwiches - all come on their famous bread! Also great sweet treats to help you get through your afternoon. (9th ave between 46th and 47th)

                          Amy's Bread
                          672 9th Ave, New York, NY 10036

                          1. Indus Express on 48th between 5th and 6th Ave. has kati rolls, which are basically sandwich wraps made using naan or paratha flatbreads.


                            There's a 'Witchcraft in Rockefeller Center with slow roasted pork sandwiches, anchovy sandwiches (marinated white anchovies with soft-cooked egg, roasted onion, salsa verde & frisée on country bread) and other interesting concoctions.


                            And then there's Fika for Swedish / Swedish-inspired sandwiches like the Overkalix (gravlax marinated with juniper berries, honey mustard sauce, arugula and cucumber, rolled up in a soft flatbread).