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Jan 20, 2009 07:19 AM

Miel disappointing

Had dinner last Saturday night and will not be rushing back, at least not for the entrees. Started with a selection of oysters on the half shell and seared scallops with greens; both were excellent. Entrees were skate and crab cakes; both were over cooked to the dry point ( or left uner the heat lamp too long). We sent them back and ordered another seared scallops (interesting this one had three scallops vs. two on the first order, maybe the kitchen was trying to make ammends) and a crepe. The scallops were great again but the crepe which was folded into a square was once again dry. The crepe reminded me of a quesadilla. The deserts were good if not great.

The restaurant was empty so there was no excuse for the poor preparation. On the plus side the service was excellent and the manager came over to express concern. Also, they comped us some items from the bill and gave us a second dessert free.

I ordered off the prix fixe menu which included items off the regular menu including the scallops and the skate. As I recall it was a reasonalbe $35.for three courses.

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  1. Since you seem to enjoy seafood, across the hallway from Miel is Sushi Teq, which despite the tequila/samba theme is actually pretty decent. Enjoyed the marinated salmon (sushi), chopped chutoro/pickle, signature Sushi Teq roll (substituted salmon belly for their cooked salmon crumble), hamachi jalapeno (ceviche). No cooked entrees though. If you're still hungry, you can always get some lobster roll sliders (and maybe some Diplomatico rum) at Rumba further down the hall.

    1. I have always found Miel interesting both from a design and food perspective. Overall I am not a major fan of the hotel's interior design elements. Miel is a very large room with country french decor, in a contemporary hotel and almost seems out of place. We have eaten there many times and I agree that the food is uneven (although the oysters are always good). I also agree that the service is always very good. Usually, we go there when we need a late night place to eat ....given their hours of operation or on snowy/very rainy nights because of the underground valet parking. Neither a "claim to fame" to be proud of.