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Jan 20, 2009 07:17 AM

Baby Shower Locations in NJ

I'm hosting a shower for a friemd and I'm looking for suggestions in North /Central NJ, Morris County specifically.

I have looked at Brooklake Country Club, Pazzo Pazzo and the Madison Hotel.

Any suggestions for a Sunday afternoon for 70 people?


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  1. I had mine at Copeland's at the Westin Governor Morris but it was much smaller. They do have parties around the pool which could be very nice. Another space I like is the Sidebar which is a part of the Famished Frog. It is like one big living room. Please note that it is a cigar bar but I have been there during the day for children's birthday parties and didn't smell smoke and I was pregnant with twins!

    Madison Hotel would be nice but I don't know about Pazzo Pazzo. I have terrible experiences there and the parking may be a hassle but so may the Sidebar for those unfamiliar with the municipal parking outposts.

    That is all I can think right now although there are a ton of places!

    1. If the conservatory at the Madison Hotel is available, it's the perfect size for a group of 70 and a gorgeous space.

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          Believe it or not, Serenade in Chatham has been the cheapest of all!

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            Just a quick note in support of the Madison Hotel. I've only been there for holiday parties, but the atmosphere is lovely and seems ideal for the type of event you're putting on. Good luck!