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Jan 20, 2009 07:17 AM

one dinner in miami

i'm staying at the Mandarin Oriental in Biscayne Bay tonight. Was hoping to get a nice dinner after i check-in. Is there anything there worth trying? Open to all cuisines, but would love some good sushi...


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  1. You will definitely need a car if you want good sushi that I know of. Matsuri is good sushi but is pretty far from you.

    Il Gabbiano is close by to you and is very good but expensive.

    Azul is right in your hotel and has gotten pretty decent reviews. I think there is also a thai/sushi place there too but can't vouch for the food -- have not been in a long time.

    In mary brickell village you have grimpa (rodizio), Rosa Mexicano, tutto pasta and tutto pizza are not walking distance but are pretty close to you as well.

    If you get more ambitious you can head up to the design district and do the michys or michaels genuine, sra martinez -- michys is a bit north of the design district btw...

    1. Azul is the fancier and more upscale of the two restaurants at the Mandarin Oriental -- they have a great selection of seafood -- nice atmosphere and great service.

      1. I forgot about river oyster bar - it would be a great place to go and is very near you. They make great ceviches which is the Latin Amarican equivalent of sushi :).

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          Forget about good sushi and go to Area 31 or River Oyster Bar for some really good fish. You're doing yourself a disservice if you are looking for a sushi meal in Miami over other options. I don't think our sushi stands out.

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            Thanks all for the replies! I ended up getting to Miami late and stayed in the hotel. Although I would have loved to go to area 31 or ROB... I ended up at Azul and it was pretty good, not great. As someone noted above, the service was perfect. Had the crabcake and hamachi appetizer. Would probably go back if i stayed at the hotel again, but as others have said, not a destination spot..

            Thanks again!