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Jan 20, 2009 07:11 AM

Spice Route or Kultura

I will be taking my fiance out for his birthday and invite some friends to join but we are all vegetarians (who eat fish but no shellfish). Who's food, service, ambience and menu options is better?

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  1. Have you seen this thread? It should help you decide.

    Most reviews I've read don't have much good to say about the food.

      1. Honestly, my suggestion would be to go somewhere else altogether. Only go to Spice route for drinks afterwards as drinks are ridiculously cheap before 10pm and it is a nice looking place. (kultura on the other hand is a ripoff for drinks, and I have no idea who likes spending up to $18 for a champagne martini)

        1. Kultura has average to good food, service, great ambiance and an interesting menu. You might also want to consider Nyood- same chef as Kultura, but a W Queen W address, and a little more scene. I like the food at Nyood better than Kultura.

          Spice Route is good for people watching and drinking.That's about it.

          1. If you must choose between the two i would suggest Kultura. More culinary driven than Spice route but just barely...