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Jan 20, 2009 06:21 AM

Benares or Tamarind?

Would like to take my boyfriend to a top-end Indian restaurant for his birthday - was thinking either Benares or Tamarind. Anyone been recently and any preference?

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  1. fyi tamarind just lost its michelin star

    i've read a few ppl on this board who like quilon tho (another high end indian place)

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    1. re: t_g

      Thansk - I had read a couple of reviews where they thought Tamarind had got a little rough around the edges.
      Am also considering Quilon and maybe the Cinammon Club. I want it to be pretty special so its the overall experience I'm after

      1. re: pj26

        What about the revamped "Bombay Brasserie"?The BB hasn't been reviewed yet but looks really good and the open kitchen looks interesting - thanks to DollyDagger for the links:

        1. re: PhilD

          That sounds great, although it might be a bit of a shlep for us - we live in East London so as much as I would like to make this special , spending a bit on dinner then another £80 or so on cabs might be pushing the limits of my love (and wallet!). Sorry for being so picky (will definitely be trying out that Sunday buffet though)

    2. There's also Amaya, although the only one I know who's eaten there was a visiting relative who liked it very much. Many people (not me) complain that the Cinnamon Club is a bit too far out to be good Indian food. I like that it's not what one gets at the usual, local restaurant. For me that's different and interesting, plus the decor is very nice.

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        I think the Cinammon Club might be what I am after - we have some great local Indians but want the different and intersting stuff - looks like more of an 'occassion' place.
        Thanks for all the suggestions