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Jan 20, 2009 06:20 AM

Food to bring home to my wife

I'm in downtown San Francisco for work, and I'd like to bring a few goodies back to my wife in DC. We were here in April, but she was pregnant and couldn't enjoy many of the foods she normally loves (specifically chocolate). I was planning of stopping at Tartine on the BART ride back to the airport tomorrow afternoon, and I'm going to try and hit the farmer's market at the Ferry plaza today to pick up some more beans from Rancho Gordo. I would be appreciative of suggestions for some places I could visit to pick up other (semi)-nonperishables within a 5 - 10 minute walk of my office at California and Davis. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Note that Rancho Gordo doesn't set up a table for the Tuesday market at the Ferry Building, but you can buy their products at Village Market inside the FB. Then make sure to get some chocolates (and maybe some pate de fruit, too) at Recchiutti across the hall.
    Cured meat from Boccalone would travel will, if you want something savory.
    Hamada Farms has awesome dried fruit that will travel (next to Prather Ranch's bbq stand in the front of the market); the red pluots, the french prunes, the cherries, the figs are all great.

    1. Boy she was careful during pregnancy huh? I only eschew raw seafood, raw cheeses and high mercury fish!

      Anyway, I would definitely recommend the Rechuitti chocolate - I really like that stuff. Fleur de Sel is my favorite, but I also love the pink peppercorn star anise, and oh so many other flavors. Not as excited about the Joseph Schmidt ones down the hall, but many like them. Also recommend the Frog Hollow meyer lemon marmalade - pairs well with a raw cheese!

      The weekday Farmers' market is very quiet and not too many of the same vendors, but as was mentioned, much is available inside the building anyway. XOX truffles are available in the city at whole Foods as well as their store - very tastey.

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        Actually, she wasn't not eating the foods b/c she was being cautious, she wasn't eating them because even the thought of anything that wasn't very plain and bland made her sick to her stomach

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          Ahhh - I understand that. The only thing I ate when I was at that stage at the market was pears! Which reminds me - Frog Hollow Warren pears are at the end of their season, but they are very tastey and not common around the country.

      2. Tartine doesn't have bread out until at least 5. Call ahead to reserve a loaf before you bother unless you have a late flight. The walnut holds up better than the regular French loaf.

        Bi-Rite, half a block from Tartine, has a fair amount of local chocolate (Michael Mishner bars, Recciuti) as well as June Taylor Jams, Marshall honeys, etc. Produce is beautiful but priced like gems.