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Jan 19, 2009 11:00 PM

Beaver Creek Help Please!

Out of town hound seeks recommendations for places to eat in Beaver Creek CO. We're definitely trying the Avondale but would like others in the little area worth our while. We're staying at the Westin and not renting a car, so as close as humanly possible please! Thanks for your help all you ski-hounds!

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  1. Mutt, here's the walking too places from the Westin:
    Avon Bakery - Good breads and sandwiches, just past Starbucks
    Ticino - Pizza, pasta and bake goods, a block north of the Westin
    Fiesta Jailisco - OK Mex, in Chapel Square
    Masatos - Good sushi if Masato is not skiing, in Chapel Square
    Columbine Bakery - Across from City Market (owns Ticinos)
    Maribel- Very good European fare in great setting, across the river and past the Beav entrance
    Vin 48 - Lots of wine by the glass and good apps, may be a little overpriced, in the boat building (you'll know it when you see it)
    Blue Plate Bistro - Straight ahead, good food at a fair price, in the Cristy Lodge
    Loaded Joes (coffee) and Pazzos (pizza) if you want to hang with younger local folks, in the Benchmark building

    As for Avondale, after a negative comment in another thread, I checked it out last Saturday night. I think its still really good. But understand the menu is "deconstructed", you put together the courses. Also, the best wine deals I've seen in the Valley. They had a Cote Du Rhone on the list for $20. The yuppie pizzas are interesting but not something that I'd order. And I was surprised at the number of locals that still hang out there.

    The Beav places I like are Splendio (expensive), Grouse Mountain Grill and Golden Eagle.

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