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Jan 19, 2009 10:11 PM

What are your favorites at Gramercy Tavern? Birthday dinner there tonight!

I'm going to dinner at Gramercy Tavern's tavern room tonight (20th) for my birthday and want to know your recs and favorites for dinner and dessert!

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  1. i was just there this past saturday for my birthday...

    we did the 3-course dinner - i started with the black ink tagliatelli with mussels, lobster and calamari in a red sauce for my first course. It was truly amazing and i highly recommend it. For second course, i had the grilled sirloin/ braised flat iron dish and my boyfriend had the pork belly/pork tenderloin dish - you'd be very pleased with both of these. The pork belly was especially delicious. For wine, our server paired everything for us and he was truly knowlegable and made excellent choices. You can certainly trust the staff. Oh and dessert - peanut butter semifreddo and tapioca pudding were both delectable.

    Have a happy birthday!

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      thanks melissabeth! however, i won't be able to order any of those dishes. :( i'm eating in the TAVERN ROOM, not the dining room....

      thanks for your suggestions, though, and happy belated birthday!

      1. re: j.jessica.lee

        gotcha, sorry about that...all i had in the tavern room were the toasted pecans with dried fruit with a glass of wine while waiting to be seated...they were delicious:)

    2. Well, the last thing I had to eat in the Tavern Room (just a couple weeks ago) was the Jerusalem Artichoke soup (I love soup and I love Sunchokes so it was a no brainer choice), and it was wonderful. Also had the scallops and the duck confit. The scallops were perfectly cooked (no surprise), and the duck confit was the big winner. Wonderful taste and crispiness to the skin, yum.

      Also, if you are a drinker, make sure to try one of their "signature" cocktails, they really know their stuff.

      1. Smoked trout starter is great.