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Jan 19, 2009 09:23 PM

Chinese-style Shrimp & Scrambled Eggs

I'm just looking for a solid version. New to NYC and feeling overwhelmed with all of the choices in Chinatown.

I tried Fu Wong at 100 Bowery - cheap and greasy and delish for $4.50, containing 5-6 40/50 count shrimp, crispy edges, great flavor. But it was essentially a fried omelette and I'm seeking more fluffy scrambled eggs and shrimp.


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  1. Not in Chinatown, but they have exactly what you're looking for at Szechuan Gourmet on 39th Street. But I'm afraid it's a bit more than $4.50.

    1. Fu Leen on Division street.

      At lunch time, $5.50 will get you 10-15 small shrimp in a fluffy egg dish with rice and soup. "Watt don ha" (slippery eggs shrimp)

      1. had this at 69 on bayard, and also the place about . . . . 6 or 7 stores towards bowery? all-chinese name and menu (and practically clientele); i believe they sell bings in the front, the restaurant itself is quite narrow but with tall ceilings; narrow entranceway which opens up to maybe . . . . 6 or 7 tables. lotta stuff served over rice including the shrimp and eggs. give it a whirl, I'll try to remember the name or address of the place. looking at google street view, it might be the Yuen Yuen Restaurant or maybe the place next to chinatown ice cream factory.

        1. A place in midtown has just what you are describing: big fluffy eggs w/ large shrimp on rice.

          Ho Yip
          48th btw 5th + 6th

          Make sure you go to the back, past the buffet to order it. Big serving for the price, too.