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Jan 19, 2009 09:09 PM

Small group in Windsor for dinner?

Hey, I'm in the Detroit area, and we're doing a 5-pin bowling night on Saturday, and need to know a place to eat in Windsor for around 12 people (give or take a couple) that isn't too pricey but doesn't have to be ultra-fancy, either. I'd like to avoid Asian simply because one of the primaries is kind of problematic about most Asian food (she's a meat-and-taters type), and it's often not worth the hassle.

Tunnel Bar-B-Q has already been suggested. Any other good ideas? Thanks in advance.

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  1. there is a great bbq restaurant on Ottawa st called Smoke and Spice - it is real smoked meat southern style bbq - much better than Tunnel Bar-B-Q

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      Florence, I really wanted to thank you for this suggestion. It's a place that I've honestly been *dying* to try. Unfortunately, the birthday girl wanted to go to Benihana over here in the States, so that's where we ended up going. It actually wasn't bad, but would I have rather gone to Smoke and Spike? You betcha. Just means that I need to get back to Windsor again soon, I guess.

      Thanks for trying to help me!