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Serevan; Amenia, NY

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Has anyone else experienced this restaurant? We had a wonderful dinner this evening. Way up in the boonies in Eastern Dutchess, on the fringes of what they now call "hunt country," it is a gem in the rough, has a resident chef who patrols and engages the room, and is very reasonably priced for the quality they deliver.

Mind you, this is only after one visit. I'm interested in other CH's experiences.

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  1. it's not a fluke, we ate there in '08 and had a very pleasant and enjoyable meal. good service, good food, nice cozy house. keep meaning to go back, but we've wound up going west or south the last few times we've gone out.

    for people coming from outside the area, it's on route 44, a couple miles west from route 22 basically on the border of millbrook and amenia.