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Jan 19, 2009 07:51 PM

Eggs Benedict in Bmore

So, the days are f'n below freezing, windy and winter seems long. I've been out of the brunch loup. cna anyone tell me where to get a tasty brunch in this town? am willing to travel to DC if necessary. have already been to Miss Shirley's and Gertude's.

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  1. I have had delicious eggs benedict at Mama's on the Half Shell. I used to like Red Star but think it's gone way downhill and have been avoiding it. Waterfront and Miss Irene's have a good brunch too.

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      thanks for the tip but i've been to mama's as well. i can do good bar food but it tends to get packed in there with the t.v. food is tasty but didn;t like the hollandaise on the benny-poor consistency and no flavor. haven't been to miss irene's yet. have you had dinner there? im anxious to try but my foodie friends say not to go yet. normally i wait a few months to check it out.

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        My roommate went there about a week ago and he raved about it. He is a professional waiter and is pretty particular about restaurants, so I take his recommendation quite seriously. But, this post says nothing about eggs benedict...

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        When you find it let me know. Until then, I have a great recipe for hollandaise, make it all the time. Let me know if you are interested.

      3. harbor court hotel makes a fine eggs benedict. this is not a brunch thing. rather, a mighty-fine week-day breakfast. almost as good a breakfast as the campton hotel in san francisco.

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            I'm pretty sure Harbor Court only has one dining room since they closed the fancy one.

        1. Jordan's steakhouse in Ellicott City has a great eggs benedict on their Sunday Brunch menu.

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            1. B Bistro has a great brunch, with three different kinds of eggs benedict.

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                thanks for replies..will check out B bistro and diamond back tavern. i love sears fine food in san fran.