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Jan 19, 2009 07:07 PM

PATH food, St. Andrew's Subway Station

Hello! I will be taking the subway to St. Andrew's Station and am hoping to eat lunch in the PATH somewhere around there with my children (11 and 9) before a concert. Can anyone recommend anything? Preferable nothing tooooo exotic but certainly not hamburgers either. Thank you in advance!

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  1. Where is the concert? Bymark at TD Centre gets good reviews here. If you want more casual, try the food court at the Exchange Tower, particularly the Thai and the Japanese places. (The PATH map can be found at )

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    1. re: Teep

      It's at Roy Thompson... we shall check out the food court.

      1. re: missmouse

        I don't think the food court at the Exchange Tower is very good - the ones in First Canadian or Royal Bank are much better. Either way, if you just wander the PATH, there are a ton of places.

      2. re: Teep

        In the food court just under the CBC building in the food court is a Greek take-out place which easily rivals most places on the Danforth. As a bonus, the older fellow (when he's there) loves kids. When we grabbed a meal from there, he gave our toddler a free piece of spanokopita (complete with mini-lecture about the benefits of spinach), and came from behind the counter to entertain him a bit, so mum and dad could eat their meal. Now every time I have to head down there for the train, it's my go-to spot.

      3. There is an awesome buffet place at St. Andrew Station - Marcello's. Went there today!! It has every food imaginable, from salads to pasta to chicken to couscous to fruit! Delish.

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          Do they have the buffet all the time?

          1. re: missmouse

            Definitely at lunch time -- I've been there from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. and it's still out and replaced frequently. The same place has other take-out options like pizza, sandwiches, sushi, yogurt, etc. I just really like the buffet.

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              I should add there is seating there, too -- so you just take your food and sit in the food court area.

              1. re: canadianbeaver

                What are the lunch and supper ayce prices like?

                I tried their website and the pricing info and food selection info is sparse. I couldn't even find that specific location's phone number... only a main number.

                1. re: kwong

                  Please note, buffet = all the food laid out, you pick what you like. AYCE = pay one price and eat all you can. There are buffets that are not AYCE (you are charged by weight), and there are AYCE that are not buffets (you order from a menu). A lot of people start using these terms interchangeably and it's confusing.

                  The Marcellos' buffets in the PATH are pick what you want and charged by weight. Just today I went to their location by the King subway for take out. A small container, with a scoop of fish in tomato sauce, a scoop of roasted veggies, and a bit of raw veggies, came to about $5. Not a culinary delight by any means, just OK food for a quick lunch.

                  1. re: Teep

                    The funny thing is that I have long since known the difference between AYCE and buffet, yet I still made the mistake. =)

                    In fact, the interchangeability has gotten so rampant that if I want to talk about a buffet that isn't AYCE, I ALWAYS call it a "non-AYCE buffet" (and have done this for over 20 years!).