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Best dessert place and best dessert youve had in san diego?

What is your favorite dessert place and favorite dessert in SD? It could be a place that specializes in desserts, like heaven sent desserts or extraordinary desserts, over rated imo; or it could be a restaurant, with a particularly gifted pastry chef. I think the best dessert I had was by jack fisher at jacks dining room (too bad its no longer there) actually just a simple sorbet. It was a concord grape sorbet. When you took a bite of it, it was like biting into a concord grape that was put in the freezer but allowed to thaw out a bit. It brought back memories of my childhood. I dont think I have a favorite dessert place yet. Extraordinary is over priced and their boring desserts are drenched in all types of fruit puress.

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  1. I really like the Dream Bar (or are they called Magic Bars?) at Elizaethan Desserts in Encinitas. It's a ooey, gooey, sticky bar chocked full of chocolate, nuts, coconut, all kinds of good stuff. Some people find it too sweet, but I like all their stuff (cupcakes, smores bar, etc.) but if I had to pick one, I'd pick the Dream Bar. It's not an everyday thing, but when you get it, it's dang good.

    1. I'm a fan of Sage French Cake on Convoy in the same shopping center as Nijiya Grocery. He makes gorgeous European style desserts with just the right amount of sweetness. Some of his combinations are really unusual, too. Last time I was there I had a milk chocolate sponge cake base topped with banana mousse encasing a black raspberry coulis in the middle, a delicious combination of textures and flavors. He does a fantastic strawberry cake that's not really shortcake or strawberry cream cake as most Americans know them, but it's wonderful. He seems to really take care to select ripe fruit and I've never had anything taste stale or less than fresh and delicious. His prices are also much more reasonable than ED, and he doesn't do the ridiculous frippery. Worth a visit.

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        Second for French Sage Cake!!! I've never seen anything that was less than perfect in appearance, texture, combination of flavor, and overall quality. The desserts aren't overly sweet, making it possible to taste the flavors. This place is handsdown my favorite.

      2. the three best desserts i ever had in SD were all at restaurants, not dessert places...

        George's at the Cove (in the dining room) before the remodel: an insane concoction with peanut butter semi-freddo, peanut wafers, and chocolate sauce.

        Trattoria Acqua: La Coppa Gelatissimo - a sundae with 3 gelato flavors, caramelized walnuts, fresh berries, chocolate sauce & whipped cream

        Rainwater's on Kettner (i've had several BAD meals there, dessert was the only highlight): Chocolate Lasagna - layers of white & dark chocolate alternating with layers of PB and chocolate ice cream, topped with chocolate sauce

        hmmm...anyone else sensing a pattern here with my preferences? ;)

        ETA: oh, and Donovan's actually does a *really* good vanilla creme brulee.

        1. Actually, I think Jack Fisher was probably the most gifted pastry chef working in SD. He's moved on to chocolate now. The best dessert in SD was any version of Fisher's panna cotta.

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            Though I liked them, I always thought Jack Fisher's desserts were a little simplistic. The best, most interesting desserts I've had here have been at Market - made by pastry chef James Foran. I also agree with Honkman (shocker!) that the affogato and peanut butter creme brulee at Urban Solace are perfect for what they are.

            ED does some good things - I'm not a huge fan of their super dense cakes, but their fruit tarts and pavlovas are impeccable, and as Josh points out, their ice creams are very good.

            Olivier at Farmhouse Cafe is also doing some really nice desserts - including handmade chocolates and a really nice mint cocoa nib housemade ice cream.

          2. Currently my top favorites (all of them in restaurants):

            - Bread pudding at Better Half (best bread pudding I have eaten so far)
            - Affogato at Cafe Chloe (very simple but vanilla ice cream is made in-house and very good)
            - Oaxaca ice cream at Linkery (I am waiting that they will bring it back on the menu)
            - Peanut Butter and Chocolate Crème Brulée at Urban Solace

            1. I agree that some of Extraordinary Desserts' plates aren't all they're cracked up to be, but the ice cream they make is really good. Sour cream, mascarpone, and white chocolate are all standout flavors I've had there.

              Best dessert I've had recently, though, was actually at Linkery. It was served with a mead dinner they did back in November, and it consisted of a large, orange blossom honey-glazed doughnut hole with persimmons, oranges, and an incredible creme fraiche topping. It was really a perfect, simple dessert.

              1. I am in the camp of Extraordinary Desserts Is Overrated. Although I don't like the food, the Key Lime pie at C-Level is divine. Reminds me of the pie in Key West. Also, Urban Solace has a wonderful culinary addiction known as the Red Velvet cake (can't recall their snarky name for this dessert). I find the best desserts are at various restaurants.

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                  I think I went on a bad night because the red velvet cake I had at urban solace was really dry and only redeemed by the cream cheese frosting. I guess I'm fussy and like a moist cake, or it was the last slice.

                  I think Mille Fleur in Hillcrest is going to be a fun place, although its a bit dazzlingly bright.

                  Every dessert I've had at the Better Half has been outstanding (I cant say that for the rest of the menu). I love the bread pudding, but Ive also really enjoyed the fruit tarts and a delicious hazelnut chocolate tart.

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                    I think you had a bad night at Urban Solace, because the (not so) red velvet cake was spectacular when we had it - a very moist crumb. In fact, we were all remarking at what a wonderful sense the chef had for texture in all the desserts we tried that night.

                2. I just bought a White Velvet Cake at TWIGGS on Adams Avenue for my wife's b-day. It was great. Light and moist with a great cream cheese frosting. Very simple and great.

                  1. OMG! I have a new favorite dessert. It used to be the upside down pecan-crusted apple pie at McCormick and Schmicks (always devoured by my table-mates when we shared!).

                    BUT, now there is a new chef in town. He just moved here from Vegas and is at the Beach House. I never eat downstairs, we always watch the exhibition cooking upstairs. Anyway, they have desserts made in-house that are wonderful. The WARM APPLE TART was flaky and the apples were seasoned JUST RIGHT and tender! Oh, it was so good! I really hated sharing it.

                    He also brought us a TRUE NEW YORK STYLE cheesecake. Very good too and rare to find one that authentic tasting. Served with raspberry coulis and other fresh fruit.

                    Give it a try, folks, the next time you're in! (P.S. The quality of the fish has improved too! Yum!)

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