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Jan 19, 2009 06:19 PM

Black Truffles?

Where can you buy black truffles in LA? Is it possible?

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  1. Call the Cheese Shop in Beverly Hills. Avoid Surfas, just bought a crappy one there.

    1. Go online. If you can get white ones. I was thinking about trying my hand at hunting for them in the SGV mountains. I already hunt certain types of mushrooms. Why not truffles? They dont just grow in Europe.

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        "I was thinking about trying my hand at hunting for them in the SGV mountains."

        Truffles need high ph soils, cold climate, abundant rain.
        None of those conditions are present in the SGV mountains.

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            For more info, get hold of one of the best books available on the subject:


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          I hope you have training from an expert, Chili. Search for "mushrooms" paired with words like "poison," "liver transplant," "death," etc., and you'll find hair-raising tales of foraging adventures in the Bay Area. When I lived up there, a couple of visiting European mushroom gatherers picked some bad fungus nearby and were paralyzed and half-dead for a time.

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            Or check out last week's LA Times for a local incident. Apparently there's a lethal local mushroom that's a ringer for an edible Euro one.

        2. Oregon black are available at the Hollywood and Santa Monica farmers Market (sunday and wed.)

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            I just picked up some oregon black truffles at the saturday farmers market in santa monica. they were $20/oz.