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Jan 19, 2009 05:55 PM

Las Vegas, 3 Days, Need Some Recs

Here's the deal. I'll be flying up from LA and staying at the Wynn for 3 days from Feb 13-15. I'm looking for a breakfast buffet to do Saturday and perhaps a nice breakfast sit down restaurant to do on Sunday. On Saturday (Valentines Day) night I'm seeing LOVE at The Mirage with my girlfriend at 7 pm. We're looking for a place to eat dinner before the show. Since it's Valentines Day, I'm thinking sit down leaning towards romantic. Wine list isn't a big concern since neither of us are wine snobs or for that matter drink very much. Two recommendations price wise would be appreciated, but for the budget minded (entrees around $15 or so) and the not so much so (entrees around $30).

Since I'll be at the Wynn any "do not miss restaurants" while I'm in Vegas would be appreciated!

Finally, BURGERS. I'm a big burger fan and as I understand it Vegas has it's fair share of newish (and old school) ON STRIP burger spots. I'd like to take in one of those. Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. If you like Thai and you like it spicy then a trip to Lotus Of Siam is certainly in order. Arguably the finest Thai to be found anywhere.

    1. Cannelletto is pretty good for Italian food and relatively reasonable(relative to vegas) for a pre-show dinner.

      Burgers, there are a lot of burgers places, but being from Chicago, I will give you my personal favorite here and there -- Joe's Stone Crab in Cesars.

      Taquria Cannonita in the Venetian is very good as well. The Wynn buffet is excellent.

      1. Some suggestions:

        If you want a romantic setting on the Strip, I would suggest Mon Ami Gabi, a French steakhouse at the Paris. Great food, and a real nice view of the Bellagio fountains; ask for a table out on the patio to get the best view.

        For me, the best hamburger in Las Vegas is at Bradley Ogden at Caesars.
        The burger is part of a prixe fixe menu, where for 30 bucks you get a salad, entree, and desert.

        The burger is extremely flavorful, and is served with condiments on the side, including ketchup and mustard and a choice of blue or cheddar cheese. Also included is a generous serving of excellent fries.

        The prixe fixe includes salad and we chose a caesar salad and Ogden does an unique twist on it. They serve large pieces of romaine, nicely flavored with the caesar dressing, and a nice bit of anchovy and garlic. This is topped by a generous portion of shaved Parmesan. And the desert is a kick ass butterscotch pudding.

        Note that Bradley Ogden is open for dinner Wednesday thru Sunday but the lounge is open every day from 5pm on. The prixe fixe burger is available at the lounge.

        If you want something at the Mirage before the show, I’ve been a big fan of Stack. Not sure how to describe Stack, to me they’re big on new twists on American comfort food, along with some asian type dishes; its ideal for sharing small plates.

        Favorites dishes at Stack would include the yellowtail sashimi, the miso cod, the “hot rocks”, which are thinly sliced beef pieces cooked tableside on (you guessed it) hot rocks.

        1. This is too late for your trip, but for next time, I would recommend the Burger Bar at Mandalay Bay. Burgers are great as are the fries (lots of options .. sweet potato, zucchini, etc.). We tried BLT Burger at Mirage and it is OK, but not as good as the Burger Bar.