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Jan 19, 2009 05:52 PM

Who has tried Gjelina-

Los Angeles Magazine ranks this number 2 of new restraurants. Concur?? Do they take reservations? Thanks!

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  1. Here is one review: If you do a search there have been numerous mentions in other threads about it. I would suggest you give them a call regarding their reservation policy.

    1. Yes, they take reservations and I highly recommend them anytime at night. This place is always packed for dinner when other restaurants on AK are empty. As for the rating...I like the place. It's not gourmet but good, standard, uncomplicated. The service is usually good if a tiny bit snotty. I find that to be true more of the female servers-don't know why.
      The hostesses can be pretty harried/rude. Once I heard one ask a couple "What can I do for you?" It's a restaurant. My first guess would have been they wanted a table and some food.
      Llatest orders:
      pizza (lamb or mushroom)
      lamb burger
      WIne list is OK.

      1. You definitely need reservations! Go there for brunch early on the weekends. Service is OK but the food is AMAZING. The pizza is light and perfection. The BLT with the egg is the best I've had in a long time. Lamb burger is also great. Bring friends and do shared plates. Love all their vegetables and salads as well. And there's no meters yet on Abbot Kinney.

        1. I went recently due to that article on LA Mag and was very pleasantly surprised. The indoor space has somewhat of a bar feel w/ loud chattering and people drinking wines on the large bar counter space. The back patio is very lovely with a fireplace and much quieter. I thought the food was very good. Had an interesting asparagus salad with a fried egg on top, the pork belly was good but could have been a little bit crispier on the outside and the pizza was thin and crispy. I hear they have a wood burning oven for their pizzas.

          It's a place i would definitely go back again if I'm on the westside.

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