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Jan 19, 2009 05:02 PM

Can I make osso bucco in advance?

I want to plan a dinner for an evening when I'll be out all day. Would it work to braise the veal in advance and then store for a day or two?

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  1. Yes, I do it all the time. Works great. The biggest challenge for me is to try to keep the slices looking nice if I transfer them from the pot to a plastic container for storage. If you have the room, you might try storing in the cooking container.

    1. Sure, any stew can benefit from sitting overnight as far as I'm concerned.

      1. Yes and please do. All braises do better the second day.

        1. Thank you all for your help!

          1. If you're at all concerned about the presentation/them falling apart you can half-braise them for maybe 1.5 hours, but that's just an idea - it's not necessary. You're going to have to heat them through completely before you serve them anyway, so I just thought I'd mention it.