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Jan 19, 2009 04:06 PM

chicken pot pies to go in OC

I love to take out the pies to have them in the freezer ready to bake. Where in OC can I get them. I've checked back on this site but they are outdated. I'm thinking of places like Moffett's in Arcadia. I'm willing to drive anywhere so I can fill the freezer. Love the ones with good crust, lots of gravy, don't care if they are white or dark meat.

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  1. I have found Trader Joe's frozen chicken pot pies to be surprisingly good.

    1. My favorite since I was a kid and now my own children's favorite place is the La Palma Chicken Pie Shop. If ever there were a place called "cheap and delicious" this is the place. You can get all white, chicken pot pies, fresh, frozen and you can also buy sides of amazing gravy. They have a chicken noodle soup, a bakery and the restaurant is cool. Your dinner always comes with soup, salad, drink AND dessert!
      a link to some reviews:

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        I was going to post this earlier, but of course one can't log in from an iPhone...

        La Palma Chicken Pie Shop is the way to go.

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          Chicken Pie Shop!! Best pot pies I have ever had!

      2. If Phillip's is still in the shopping center next to Leisure World on Seal Beach Blvd., theirs are very good, and are (were?) available frozen, or fresh and ready to freeze. My family always enjoyed them.