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Jan 19, 2009 04:01 PM

Vegan Dessert Recipes

Hi there, my DH and I are invited for dinner at a friends house and they are vegans. I offered to bring something and they suggested that I bring dessert. I love to cook and would like to bring something that I've made myself but I'm unsure of where to turn for a good recipe. I was thinking of making a strawberry sorbet (I've got some nice frozen strawberries) but being January in Boston, its just not turning me on. Does anyone have any suggestions/recipes or websites that are good for these types of recipes?

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  1. Vegan Chocolate Cake is the answer! Recipes for "Crazy Cake" or "Wacky Cake" abound on the internet:

    I like to bake as directed in a 9x11 pan, let the cake cool, then cut, stack and frost the cake. You can make vegan "butter cream" with vegan margerine, cocoa powder and powdered sugar. For a mocha cake, sub brewed coffee for the water in the cake recipe.

    If you were thinking of making sorbet, a nice blood orange or clementine sorbet would go nicely with the cake.

    1. If you like cupcakes, I have about 75 great recipes from my Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World cookbook. They may have a few of them at too.

      A few other ideas: I'm trying a vegan applesauce cake tomorrow night. Also chocolate chip cookies (use the Toll House recipe except sub. dairy-free 'butter' and use 1 tbs. cornstarch whisked with 3 tbs. water in place of the eggs and dairy -free choc chips from Whole Foods), fruit crisp (not the best time of year for that, but you could do apple), vegan gingerbread... I'll post again when I think of what I've had good luck with. I do like the other poster's suggestion of Wacky Cake. It's great. Good luck.

      1. 2 ideas that vegans are less like to get:
        I make a great rice pudding using half water and half coconut milk inplace of milk.
        I've also seen a creme brulee receipe that used coconut milk, but haven't been able to locate it again.
        I also have made vegan oatmeal applesauce cookies (receipe found on the web somewhere) but improved them by using mashes bananas inplace of the applesauce so you might try that sub in a cake receipe as well.

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          Coconut Creme Brulee with receipes is being discussed on another thread:

        2. Ooh! That hot fudge pudding cake (alternately known as chocolate self-saucing pudding) mentioned on another thread is a snap to vegan-ize since it's already eggless -- just sub ricemilk or unsweetened soymilk.

          I've also made apple crumbles, broiled peaches, etc. Pie is super-easy to make vegan as well, as long as you use a veg. shortening or oil crust. If you can get your hands on rhubarb, a strawberry rhubarb pie might be nice!

 (Heidi Swanson) is a good resource for veg. and vegan recipes -- the recipes are very well organized, so you just have to click on "Vegan" to be sent to a whole world of yumminess!

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            Thank you everyone for your suggestions, I think I may try the 'wacky' cake or attempt to vegan-ize the hot fudge pudding cake.

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              Go to Martha Stewart's website and search for Mandy's Chocolate Cake. It's vegan. I've made it several times (I'm not vegan, it's just very very good) and highly recommend it. A little more labor intensive than the wacky cake, but worth every bite!

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                This is the recipe for a vegan chocolate pudding cake from PPK (the author of Vegan Cupcakes Takeover the World). I've made this cake and it is awesome and so not "vegan" tasting. You'll miss nothing, just be sure to use vegan chocolate.

            2. Citrus sorbet or granita. Pear or apple crostada made with non-butter crust.
              Try Also try making sables with coconut oil.