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Jan 19, 2009 03:44 PM

Wine Flights in Philly!?

Was wondering if I could find a few wine bars in Philadelphia that do wine flights? I will be vacationing there (in the middle of winter....) and might need a good place to cozy up in! Any suggestions are much appreciated!


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  1. Panorama restaurant at Front and Market has a huge selection of wines by the glass and many wine flights. Be sure to sit in the bar, which is called 'Il Bar'.

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    1. re: mschow

      Completely agree, I love Panorama! The atmosphere in the bar is so nice (the front dining room is a little generic looking). If you are hungry, be sure too try their pasta dishes, it is delicous. They have a good pasta trio which is a sampling on three types.

      1. re: AmblerGirl

        AH! The Pasta Misto dish...3 types of pasta. Skip the Pomodoro and double up on the gnocchi with the gorgonzola sauce. Absolutely delicious!
        Love their pesto that they serve with bread as well.

        1. re: AmblerGirl

          yep, i'm going to recommend panorama as well! the wine flight menu is intense. it's a cozy little place and easy to get to. the flights are impressive - they come on a little rack (is there a proper name for this?) which is a nice presentation and makes it a little easier to remember what's what.

          they don't do flights, but tria (has two locations) is one of this message board's favorite wine bars, it seems. great little snacking menu. and cozy it is - especially the 18th and sansom location!

          as an aside, has anyone been to vintage lately? how is it? i haven't been since they opened, and i was recently reminded they were there when i walked past the other day!

          1. re: rabidog

            Vintage is really quite lovely albiet it can get a bit crowded. The wine list is decent, well priced and the staff is incredibly friendly. I'm so glad I read this post because it reminded me of it and I think I may head back out there tonight!

      2. panorama is definitely hard to beat for this, but the food there is expensive, so go to drink and nosh, not chow. it is not a place to cozy up to either, but you'll get some excellent wines at a decent price. tria is great if you want to drink a different glass every time, but no flights per se. world cafe live has a wine flight special on tuesdays, and it is a concert venue....

        if you like scotch flights, go to mahogany. YUM!

        1. Would echo the recs for Panomara. Can't think of anywhere that beats it for wine flights and interesting wines by the glass in Philly, though the food is...expensive and not that extraordinary. One of those places to go to drink and maybe share some apps and starters, but skip the "just ok" and too expensive entrees.

          1. Hey, I misread this at first and somehow decided that you (OP, SunMoonStars) were asking about wine tasting events, not flights at a bar. And now that I know what you're really asking, I still want to answer the question you weren't asking, heh.

            I get this e-mail blast from & they list whoever wants to be listed there with their upcoming wine events. ATM they're listing two different wine classes at Morton's in KoP and a wine tasting dinner at Domaine Hudson (apparently a restaurant in WIlmington).

            here are more events: I'll tell ya what, I don't get out much these days, but next time my DH & I have date night, we are so there!

            1. Beneluxx in Old City also has many wines on tap. I don't know if they have pre-arranged flights, but they will pour half glasses for half price, so you can easily make your own. They also do cheese and chocolate by the oz., which is a nice way to taste things.