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Jan 19, 2009 03:44 PM

Smokehouse Needed!!

I am currently residing in MA and have great memories of a family friend bringing home sticks of smoked pepperoni from a smokehouse in Vermont. I have not been able to locate a good smokehouse that does that. If you are aware of any smokehouses, that truly have good meats/sausages/pepperoni, in the MA, VT, or NH area, please let me know. Thanks

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  1. I don't know the name of the place, but there's a wonderful smokehouse in Proctorsville, VT that makes terrific pepperoni and other sausages, as well as bacon. I'm sure you could google it. I had some of their products this fall, and the pepperoni was especially good.

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      Thanks so much. I will search it out and see.

      1. re: cheferella

        I know this place and I can't remember the name either...If it's the same place you mentioned they sell ammo and liquor in the store as well. How could you forget that.

        Their smoked pepperoni is the standard that I use to compare all others too. Not that slimy outside skin that some smoked pepperoni has.

        I'll try to dig up the name of the place from a friend and post separately.

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            Hey Harp, us South Philly boy's know our smoked pepperoni !

            We're also very familiar with crushed Eagles from yeras of experience. When does baseball start ?

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              Yeah maybe the Cubbies can win it this year.
              No horse in the race now or are the Steelers your team now?


        1. I mentioned Smith's out of Maine in this best of new england bacon post

          I reordered their pepperoni which I don't think is smoked but was worth reordering a few times for me. I also like their smoked salmon, salami and soppressata. I'll probably give their bacon a try next time I order.

          1. Dakin Farms does alot of cob-smoked products as well as various sausage
            They're in Ferrisburg south of Burlington

            Vermont Smoke and Cure has products in mainstream markets (I've seen them in Price Chopper). They're in a bunch of places
            but are headquartered in South Barre, VT.
            Their website says that they'll do custom smoking for anyone. I don't have experience, but it sounds pretty good.

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              And their pepperoni is delicious. And smoked. Give them a shot.

            2. Olde House Smokehouse in Canterbury, NH. They're quirky, but their meats and cheeses are excellent.


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                Thanks for the link bewley,
                As I was totally unawares of this smokehouse!
                I will definitely be paying them a visit.


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                  They are wonderful, I know them as Fox Country - I 've had several of their items (kielbasa, bacon, etc) There is a great small butcher just off Rt 93 in Concord that carries their stuff (and more of their own great stuff). Quality Cash Market


                  1. re: lexpatti

                    Yes, first time we went we got a sample of their jerky (wonderful). Drove back just for that, but they were closed, so make sure you call first.

                    If you do go, ask to see the picture of the original owner, my goodness, he appears as if he was really a character. I wish they put that up on their website.