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Jan 19, 2009 03:27 PM

Suggestion for 7yr anni, french/italian?

Heres the scoop. Im a picky eater unfortunately. I want to try new things, but I'll clam up or start wondering what will happen to me, get sick, etc. I usually stick to chicken parmigianas, sausages and steaks. My favorite chicken parmigiana now besides my wifes would be Vincents in Little Italy, which isnt saying much.
However my wife has a lot more class. Watches all the top chef type shows, does indeed build upon recipes, etc. Knows French, Italian and Spanish to read the menus...
So thats my dilemma. Any one recommend a place that has a nice ambience, possibly even dresscode because the wife wants a fancy memorable experience.
Would be early March, looking to spend $80-150. May have a drink or two each.

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  1. I'd recommend Fleur de Sel for French. It's fancy-casual, not stuffy, and has fantastic french fare. Dishes like their Goat Cheese and Artichoke Ravioli, Duo of Pork, and the Caramelized Brittany Crepe, keep dining going fantastically. My top french choice would be Cafe Boulud, which is a tad more pricer but about the same range. To get a great impression of what french cuisine can do, I'd go there. Both restaurants are on the higher end of your price range. Corton and Blue Hill, while more contemporary, would also be worth looking into

    For Italian, I'd recommend Insieme. It's name means 'together' in Italian, meaning the menu is comprised of bother traditional and contempory Italian cuisine. Marco Canora and crew will cook you a great meal, and Paul Grieco offers great guidance in choosing a wine. From the sound of your post, it sounds like there'd be something here for both you and your wife. If you want fancy, old-school italian, I'd recommend Il Mulino. The service is on point, the fare and ambiance is traditional. Fiamma, Scarpetta are also worth looking into

    Hope this helps, feel free to ask any questions.

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            wow. thanks for letting it be known.

    1. Just want some clarification: Is the $80-$150 per person or for the whole dinner for 2? And does it include alcohol, tips and tax?

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        well most times we were to go out the meal is around 80 with tips and tax, -/+20 depending on the mood for alcohol. But I would say id be willing to go around 150 includin tips and tax. alcohol is always a mystery. Might be feeling it and get a few, might just settle on a soda.

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          I would suggest Allegretti. The Provencal-style French food is superb, and I think there are many dishes on the menu that you would find appealing. Service is professional, but very cordial as well, which should put you at ease. The ambiance is low-key, and the decor is lovely. Though I wouldn't pull out the tux and gown, the two of you can feel comfortable dressing up a bit. Our dinner bills there have been around $150. That included a glass of wine for my husband (I don't drink) and tax and 20% tip.