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Jan 19, 2009 03:23 PM

Lulu's Bakery Scarsdale NY Can you ....

can you get small cakes and small pastries, never tried it and want to get a couple of things, chocolate and vanilla, what is you favorite. I only like dark chocolate, are they open during the week, and if you know the hours please. Thank you

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  1. First, they are closed Mondays and Tuesdays. Every other day they open at 9 and close at 6 except on Sundays, they close at 2.

    You can get a small cake. Other smaller items include cupcakes (smaller compared to their cakes but huge for a cupcake), yodels, cookies, brownies, croissants, muffins, etc. Their selections vary every day so try to go on either a Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday when they got a lot of stuff out!

    If you love dark chocolate, you HAVE to try their brownies (preferably the ones with sour cherries!). Also, if you like chocolate, pray that they have the Brooklyn Blackout by the slice!! Oh and the chocolate chip cookies!

    I basically love everything and usually anyone who goes their loves everything there :-) I like to try a lot of things too so I get a bunch of stuff and share it with my boyfriend... be careful though cuz youll be soooooo tempted looking at everything!

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      Miklilovessugar:Thank you for th report, i appreciate it

    2. I love Lulu's but you can't really just walk in wanting a specific thing as they don't always have the same items on any given day.

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        So true. Are they open to holding items for a person if the person calls early in the day? I am guessing no.

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          I've seen certain items in the cake section that was already put in plastic container... maybe they were holding it for someone. But im not 100% sure... it wouldn't hurt to ask tho!

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            i think if you call wahead they put stuff on the side if its a bigger order. I once called to ask if they could put aside a couple cupcakes and the answer was a resounding no.. for some reason i think wednesday is the best day if you want to get stuff and dont be suprised if you go there and there is nothing there its really disappointing but they always sell out of the best stuff like the nutter butter cookies and the cashew bars and yodels. if you like dark chocolate, i agree with MIki the SOUR CHERRY BROWNIE is awesome!

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              oh and the dark chocolate cream topped cupcake with chocolate cake is really really dark!

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                So soes that mean I have be there when it opens to get a yodel or some thing dark chocolate, I can get just one right? Are there other bakeries just as good in Scarsdale? What about lunch, clean and healthy to counteract the decadent yummies.

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                You can order stuff but, like you said, it has to be a bigger order. I once ordered the yodels to bring to someone's house in NJ and the minimum order was 24. At $2 a piece, they were definitely expensive yodels but everyone was walking around saying "where did those yodels come from?"

                I have also ordered small cakes, like for my husband's birthday when it was just my immediate family of 4, and they will make whatever you want. But, like most things at Lulu's, they don't come cheap. The small cake was $30, but it looked great and, most importantly, tasted amazing.

        2. Its really more about what they have that day. If they have yodels, its not like they will sell out by the end of the day. Wednesday is your best day because they put out the most stuff.

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            Does anyone know where I can get a good icecream cake? Is there another bakery close by that is just as good? I'm new to the area and although I like Lulu's I could use more variety.

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              Last Licks in the Golden Horseshoe has ice cream cakes. But IMO, if you want a good ice cream cake, nothing beats plain old Carvel.

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                The Ice Cream Factory in Mount Vernon has Carvel beat by a mile. If you don't mind paying a mint for a cake, Haagen Dazs still makes a good ice cream cake. Stay away from Longford, you'd need a second mortgage for their cakes.

                And no, you won't find what you want at Lulu's when you go in, that's a given, but you will like whatever you find, that's a given too.

                There's a new pastry store in Harrison on Halstead that has French pastries. Kneaded Bread in Portchester is good, as is Enrico in Hartsdale. Dessert Oasis in Elmsford has some good stuff, as does Cerbone in Rye and the Harrison Bakery in Harrison. Stay away from The Bread Factory in New Rochelle, their cake is awful.

                None of these stores ever have everything you could possibly want, so you have to gas up the car and visit each of them.

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                  Not for ice cream cakes, but for cakes & cookies and so forth, you could try Riviera Bakehouse in Ardsley.