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Coleslaw in Toronto?

Trusted Chowhounds,

My SO is a coleslaw fan. Where should we be looking for great slaw in TO? Any legendary delis out there? He prefers the vinegar base, but as I like the creamy type I'm open to any suggestions you have. Who sells the best coleslaw in the city?

many thanks

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  1. Daiter's creamery on Bathurst St., south of Wilson have both kinds and they are both great. Also, try Wolfie's deli on Sheppard, west of Bathurst. All of those are classic deli coleslaws. The Wolfie's one is particularly good when combined with their homemade smoked meats. Those two ingredients combined with fresh rye bread. YUM-O!

    1. My favourite is from the Pickle Barrel Restaurant!

      Pickle Barrel Restaurant
      5941 Leslie St, Toronto, ON M2H1J8, CA

      1. Caplansky's is making his own, and has a following for a distinctive home made slaw. Some of the other places may be buying a commercial product, such as Moishe's, available at Costco, a bit too sweet for me..

        356 College Street, Toronto, ON M6J, CA

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          I actually think Caplansky's slaw is weak now. At first, it was sharp, tangy and great, but lately it has tasted basically like cabbage with oil. Not sure why the change, or if it has just been off the times I've been recently, but I wouldn't recommend it anymore.

          1. re: tjr

            We went this past weekend for the first time since October. Back then I thought the coleslaw was okay, not as sharp and tangy as I'd like but it was decent and thankfully not creamy. The version now is much weaker and mostly sweet. We had to add vinegar to it to give the coleslaw some bite.

            1. re: lister

              Even back in October, I thought the slaw needed extra zip. Zane, if you're reading this thread, you need to rethink your slaw - or at least add some sharp vinegars and instructions on the table!

        2. I like the creamy one from Summerhill Market, they do a vinegar based one too!

          1. Nortown's "garlic cole slaw" does it for me.

            1. For Creamy I go with Albert's Jamaican.

              1. I quite enjoyed the creamy version I got at Buster's Sea Cove at the SLM this pas weekend. Given the choice, I almost always opt for vinegar, but theirs could almost convince me to convert.

                1. I bought both kinds yesterday ( the creamy and the vinegar style) at the Harbord St Bakery...delicious...now my husband is hooked on it...he never used to eat it...theirs is excellent...have you been reading the 11 Best Foods You Aren't Eating from the NY Times...Miranda

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                    I prefer vinegar coleslaws as opposed to the creamy. What does it for me is Moishe's coleslaw, sold at Pusateri's (Yorkville) and Sobey's (occasionally). I get a large container from Pusateri's for usually $4-5. It's fresh and I like the crispness of the cabbage.

                    1. re: czthemmnt

                      The Polish deli on Roncesvalles makes an excellent coleslaw IMO. It's vinegar based and pretty straightforward but I'm a sucker for it. I can never remember the name of the place but it's the one with the burgundy awning just north of Film Buff.

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                        For a few more dollars, you could probably buy the extra-large container of Moishe's coleslaw from Costco. I'm assuming it's the same stuff.

                        1. re: Full tummy

                          Possibly, but I was under the impression that they made it themselves. However, I have no evidence to support that.

                          Plus, it's just me and my Gf who hates the stuff. I'm not sure she would be impressed with me making a larger, longer-term commitment to a bucket of coleslaw than I have to her.

                          1. re: jamesm

                            Haha. Funny! Actually, whenever I've purchased it, it goes pretty quick. Definitely don't think Pusateri's is making their own "Moishe's" coleslaw.

                            Maybe after you make a longer-term commitment to your GF, you will be able to sit pretty with a huge tub o' slaw in your fridge.

                            I do enjoy the slaw, especially at the bargain Costco price, but like another poster, I find it tooooooo sweet. Nice and crunchy, tho.

                          2. re: Full tummy

                            I looked for Moishe's today in Ajax, and it was not there.Hopefully a temporary shortage.

                        2. re: miranda

                          On the basis of your comments, I went and bought both to try!
                          They are good. A trifle sweet, perhaps.
                          Certainly a little pricey at $2.50 each for a very small tub.
                          Overall a worthwhile experiment, but not dazzeling.
                          Nevertheless, your post was much appreciated!

                        3. Many thanks to all of you for these suggestions. Once again I realize how much I love this site. I will shop, eat, and report accordingly.

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                            I like Bruno's Cold Slaw (St. Clair & Yonge).
                            I think Moishe's coleslaw is too bland and the pieces of cabbage too small. I like a bit of a crunch.