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Jan 19, 2009 02:47 PM

What to add to Trader's corn bread mix?

I would like to make it more interesting, maybe spicy. I was thinking maybe cheese and something else? What can I add and at what time?

Thank you in advance!

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  1. Maybe a can of diced green chilis with the other wet ingredients.

    1. some possible combos:

      sharp cheddar or feta with jalapeno or achiote peppers
      goat cheese with chipotle or poblano peppers
      monterey jack with habanero pepper

      1. frozen corn kernels
        shrimp (chopped)
        green onions
        jalapeno (finely diced)
        pepper jack cheese

        1. I lay a thin layer of corn bread batter down - 1/2 inch or so then a layer of beaten egg mixed with chilies and herbs and lots of cheese. then the rest of the cornbread batter. Really yummy. I also like adding creamed corn to my cornbread batter, chili flake, cumin , garlic

          1. If I wanted it spicy I'd buy the spicy TJ's cornbread mix. I used to make squares to take to work in lieu of a corn muffin, using buttermilk (after reading that buttermilk cornbread is less crumbly, and cutting back on that and the oil by 2 Tbsp each, then adding a quarter cup of Grade B maple syrup. I baked it in two parchment-lined 7x11 pans, then when it was cool spread the bottom of one with softened butter and sandwiched it against the bottom of the other one. That way I had a firm top crust on both the top and the bottom when I cut it into squares. Wrapped in plastic wrap, they stayed together well enough to have at my midmorning desk break without making a mess.