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Jan 19, 2009 02:17 PM

Question re. Blue Hill at Stone Barns

I am planning on making a reservation at Blue Hill at Stone Barns. I know that part of the reason the restaurant is such a wonderful experience is that so much of the food eaten there is grown or raised on-site. To that end, is Blue Hill a much better experience if you go during the summer or during harvest season than as opposed to the winter or spring. I would like to go in March, but would be willing to wait if I am going to have a fresher, better meal if I go later in the year.


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  1. We were there in September, just in time for the harvest. I'm sure dinner would be amazing whenever you go but it was nice being able to walk around the farm before we had dinner.

    1. I was there in March and in September. I did not enjoy the meal as much in March, but August was terrific. The tomatoes....... wow, they were great. They did so much with them, even made their bloody mary's with tomato water. Of course, the bounty of the summer harvest led to a lot of great choices. If it were me, I'd wait. Also, there is no weather guarantee, but the property is so pretty it's a shame not to be able to enjoy it and it's more likely to be nice later in the year.

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        We also went in the summer and after having dinner inside, were offered dessert on the outdoor patio. It was lovely, but extremely buggy and I was actually sorry that we hadn't stayed inside.

      2. There seems to be a much larger selection of ingredients in the Summer/Fall. That being said, we have been very disapointed with our trips to Stone Barns in general. The food was very poorly executed. Many of the offerings were simply inedible! Hope your experience is better. If you're expecting a French Laundry or Basement Bistro type of experience, you will not get it at Stone Barns. Good Luck!