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Pairing suggestions for beef tenderoin??

Hi everyone. I'm new to the group and was hoping you could help me. I was planning a dinner for my wife's birthday ( fillet with herb butter, sauteed spinach with roasted garlic and pine nuts, and roasted fingerling potatoes) and can't decide on a wine. We have a burgundy I know she loves, but I'm worried it would be lost with the beef. Any other suggestions? We've got a '02 Duhart-Milon on hand and a nice Ribiera del Duero, but I'm feeling indecisive and would love some help. Thanks so much.


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  1. Fillet's a wine-friendly meat. While a vibrant red Burgundy -- Morey-St-Denis, Gevrey-Cambertin, Nuits-St-Georges, etc. -- would make a great match, the spinach with its garlic and pine nuts would push me south and west. Am probably in the minority here, but with beef I actually prefer Merlot-dominated Bordeaux (Pomerol, St-Émilion, certain Graves) to classic Médocs; that said, the Duhart-Milon would probably work, provided it's not too tannic (strong tannins would clash with the sweet, mild, relatively lean meat). The Ribera del Duero would likely do the trick.

    1. I'm with Carswell, Right Bank Bordeaux. If you are grilling the meat then the Ribera del Duero or Tuscany. On its own, tenderloin doesn't have the amount of flavor as other cuts, so if your garlic isn't too overwhelming the Burgundy she loves could be just fine.

      1. Tenderloin is quite flavorful when it is generously seasoned with salt and freshly cracked pepper and grilled, or seared over high heat on all sides on the stove and finished in the oven. I like a resolved Cabernet with it, though think all manner of red Bordeaux blends would work well. I'd recommend the DuhartMilon were it not that the wine probably needs a few more years for the tannins to become soft. I serve beef tenderloin with horseradish sour cream sauce, mashed or roasted potatoes, and haricots verts with walnut pieces and dressed with walnut oil. Simple, wonderful. The spinach sounds good. Nice of you to cook your wife's birthday dinner.

        1. Thanks, everyone. I was also worried about the tannins in the Duhart-Milon, and my local shop is weak (and overpriced) in Bordeaux. But they do have a couple of Melot-based blends from the Columbia Valley I've been itching to try (Andrew Will Ciel du Cheval, Spring Valley Uriah Red anyone?). Thanks again. You all are really terrific.


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            Again Bordeaux Wines will be perfect.

          2. Burgundy will work fine.
            They don't call it Beef Burgundy for nothing.

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              I dissagree with this post. Beef Bourguigon is a specific dish generally made from beef chuck that involves very dissimilar ingredients as to those that this tenderloin will see.

            2. without awakening the eternal debate of Prime Rib v. Tenderloin.....I think tenderloin tastes most like what you season/sauce it with and Prime Rib tastes like BEEF, so with a tenderloin I always try to pair to the sauce more specifically......for garlic spinach ive been putting a lil olive oil over a really low heat and toasting thinly sliced garlic "chips" if you will (see Paulie's way of cutting the garlic in Good Fella's.....then removing from heat and wilting the spinach in that ...you really get the nutiness of the garlic....Also, if your lo0cal wineshop is WA wine friendly..that Andrew Will CdC is drinking nicely right now as is the Pepperbridge Merlot or if you can get your hands on any '03 Alexandria Nicole HHH......daaaayummm.....i have 3 bottles left and im goin gold fever on it, THE best Merlot ive tasted from WA state EVER.....Bon Apetit

              1. I tend to believe red with beef white with chicken and fish, but really who cares. I drink what I want. For a dinner party I always offer both. Some people just don't like red or white so, I have both. I usually go to my wine shop and they offer me samples. I trust them and try to experiment and try different ones at parties. Maybe not what most people do but I find it fun. They have never steered me wrong. I usually try 2 reds and 2 whites for 8-10-12 people. I find it fun but if you feel more comfortable go to some wine tastings. I try to go once a month to my wine club. It's free, fun, enjoyable and educational

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                1. Stand alone I might go for the Duhant-Milon, but with the sides you mention I'd go Ribera all the way.

                  I have liked the Andrew Will in the past, but never enough to consider purchasing it for myself.

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                    I would think a Barolo may be nice with the meal.

                  2. i really like some good unctuos german rieslings with beef.... try it. heavy beef heavy alcohol = food coma. high acid, lower alcohol with beef works better for me. or maybe i just love riesling so much i drink it with everything. to each his own i guess