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Jan 19, 2009 01:29 PM

Great Tastings in Miami

Who in Miami has chef's tasting menus? Staying in Coral Gables for 3 nights early Feb. Glad to hear we will be able to partake in Winter Miami Spice, but also looking for one great 5 to 9 course tasting menu for a long, luxurious meal. Must also have good wine, of course! We will have a car, but would prefer not to have to drive too far.

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  1. Havent been in a long time but romeos cafe is an option.

    1. Talula on South Beach does a 7-course tasting menu, I've never had it but I'm a big fan of their food. May want to book in advance to make sure they're offering it.

      Neomi's in the Trump Sunny Isles does a once-a-week 10-12 course menu that uses lots of contemporary cooking techniques and ideas, called "Paradigm - the Test Kitchen." Search "Paradigm" on this board and you'll turn up more info. Again, advance reservations likely essential.

      I've not been, but I believe Palme d'Or in the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables has a number of multi-course menu options.