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Jan 19, 2009 12:32 PM

American Cadbury Bars Tasting More Like Hershey

Am I crazy, or are Cadbury Bars available in America tasting more and more like Hershey bars? Cadbury used to have a very mild and creamy taste. Recently they've begun to taste sweeter and more acidic, like Hershey bars, where the taste sort of stays in your throat and upsets your stomach. The label on my most recent indulgence says that Cadbury bars are now manufactured by Hershey, which explains why they're now tasting so similar -- but just because they're manufactured by Hershey doesn't mean they have to use the same recipe. Why fix what isn't broken? I don't like it one bit. If I wanted a Hershey bar, I'd buy one.

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  1. Hersheys with almonds For The Win !!!!

    1. US Cadbury bars are specifically manufactured to taste like Hershey bars, as Hershey is under the impression that Americans prefer that flavor. I say if you wanted a Hershey bar, you would buy one. You need to seek out Cadbury bars made in the UK for the authentic Cadbury experience.