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Jan 19, 2009 12:30 PM


When I was younger and living in Greece, I remember going to Kiffisia from our home in Erithrea for souvlaki. They were great! Another great place for them was a little place just over the bridge in Corinth. Now I here that souvlaki is being sold on a plate vs in bread!! Is this true or do you just have to hunt around for the "true" souvlaki??

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  1. there are variations of how the souvlaki is served. The actual "souvlaki" is just the meat on the small wooden skewer.
    Serving proposals are:
    1. Plain (with a splash on lemon and oregano)
    2. In a pitta bread with various condiments (tomato, tzatziki,onions etc)
    3. In a bread roll with various condiments (tomato, tzatziki,onions etc) or only splashed with lemon and (maybe) oregano.

    All these are regarded "true".

    1. BTW, the souvlaki on the bridge in Corinthos was made with pork.. Was it ever good! I don't think it is there anymore.

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        In general, Souvlaki is made from pork. You may also find chicken souvlaki or chicken-bacon souvlaki.

        There is also Gyros ( which is from pork or chicken. Beef or lamb gyros is known as doner-kebab.

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          That Wikipedia article is not particularly accurate, at least in terms of what's available in Toronto's Greektown (Danforth). There are two types of "gyro" sold: (1) The real meat gyro with flat pieces of meat stacked on the skewer, like the ones pictured in the Wikipedia article (attached), which used to be difficult to find, but now are becoming more common; and (2) a pre-formed meatloaf concoction supplied by firms like Krinos, which have been around for decades. The later is what many Canadians have unfortunately learned to be "authentic", which borders on a crime.

          You are quite correct that pork and chicken are the most common gyros, but I have found beef and lamb gyros called "gyros", and not doner-kebob, in Greece, for example in Kalambaka.

          And getting back to the original topic, souvlaki, our restaurants also offer dinner plates with 3 or four souvlaki with salad, potato and rice as a main course dish, typically only in pork or chicken. Full sized souvla are also offered in pork, chicken, lamb of beef.

          Whatever it is called, it is all good, unless it is that meatloaf junk.

          I wish I was in Greece!


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          There are several places across the isthmus near Corinth. I also remember them as being great but this past summer we stopped at one of them and it was meh (and we were starved so anything would have been fantastic).

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            i had a souvlaki in xanthi that got me through a potential disaster. our car broke down late at night driving from Istanbul. luckily we had a local on board who knew a dynamite souvlaki spot making the reality of sleeping in the car outside of a garage somehow not so bad. i'll get the name of the place and post it up.

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              on the same ride from Istanbul we crossed into Greece and right off the road (on the right) was a cafe where all the trackers and taxi drivers hang out, right after the border. there you will find a really outstanding spanikopido. I know greeks who stop at this particular cafe on their way into Turkey and fill the truck with spanikopido before entering turkey.
              if you are ever making the istanbul-Selanik run dont miss this stop.