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Jan 19, 2009 12:29 PM

birthday/valentines dinner-suggestions?

I am turning 40 on Feb. 15 -the day after valentines .My friends want to take me for some good Italian any suggestions?
sheryl strong

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    1. Well depends on the price range, you can go BYOB and go to a little italian restaurant in carrollton called Roma's food is cheaper, just decent, but BYOB can make the night a lot of fun. Maggianos can feed an army without batting an eyelash and you will still get a doggie bag! And upscale you could do Tre amici steak and seafood with an italian flare, but the price tag could break you. Good luck! oh, and Happy birthday!

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      1. re: BA foodie

        I would stay away from Maggiano's for a special occasion, or any occasion for that matter. I went recently and it was not good. If you desire I will elaborate.

      2. From DMN - Best Of Italian compilation:

        On a more laid back, kitchy note: Two Guys from Italy - Webb Chapel near LBJ. It's been around since dirt, probably sporting the original deco of wine bottles and plastic vegetation that adorn the place. Very traditional Italian. Good food. Family run. Even though it's been awhile since I last went, I wouldn't hesitate to return. The first time I went was impromptu w/a group of 8 or 10. No call ahead, no problem. While I don't recall specifics, I know we ordered everything from antipastas to pizza to entrees - no complaints.

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          I know it must have been a while for your visit. That place has gone really down. The food, the service, and the SMELL....Stay away.

        2. What area of town would you like to dine in?

          1. In Austin? Vespaio.
            You sound old=).

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              Yes,in Austin.
              40 who cares=)
              Hey can you send me your reciepe for osso buco?

              1. re: sheryl strong

                Sent a message....Not osso buco recipe but you can find a bunch of good ones at

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                  Replyed to message... What about Beef Wellington?
                  I foregot the resteraunt that used to make the best Beef Wellington in Houston off Westimer towards the Rice area?