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drinks in west hollywood?


i am meeting someone in west hollywood area (i am coming from the 10 freeway)...for the first time...for a drink...5:00ish
any good ideas for a nice place to talk with yummy appetizers and ambiance
thx for any and all input

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  1. cozy spot in west hollywood for an early drink?

    1. Elaborate.
      What kind of ambience? Date? What kind of food?

      1. cozy, a bit romantic or pretty...shady patio maybe
        yumy bite size appetizers
        its a first date... i am "hopeful" so i would like it to feel nice

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          Tasca Wine Bar, Taste on Melrose or The Hall Brasserie already mentioned.

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                The Abbey depends on the date, it definitely skews more gay meet /pick up than straight first date (I am making an assumption about your date.) The Hall at Palihouse is good although it's going to be dead early on. The garden at the Chateaux might work.

              2. Trocadero, Sunset at Sweetzer. They open at 6. 1/2 priced drinks until 8.

                  1. re: jessejames

                    I guess a good spot if the date is Vince Neil.

                    1. re: cls

                      try the fried mozzarella there and get back to me partna. dark and flashing lights, nice spot on sunset, food and bar(s) -- upstairs pirate room, outside canopied bars and main "horseshoe" shaped bar with cocktail table video games etc rainbow good spot. underrated grub too. ps, on vince neil, i happen to like smokin in the boys room and you can do that there.

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                        Don't get me wrong, I love the Rainbow. Don't think it meets the OP's idea of "cozy romantic with a pretty patio.
                        Tasca is a good one.

                  2. thanks for you ideas. As it turned out I was in the valley so we met over there. But i am hoping we will meet again so i will keep your ideas in mind..esp trying to meet up a bit later.
                    thanks chowhounds

                    1. I know I'm too late...but maybe Stone Rose if you are in the neighborhood again?

                      1. I know I'm late, but in the Hollywood area I usually do first dates at Lola's or The Well. Both have nice ambiance, good drinks and some appetizers.