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Jan 19, 2009 12:18 PM

Isla Mujeres ... suggestions please

Have read good things about Picus (mixed seafood ceviche) The Soggy Peso (ribs on Sundays) & Oscars (local favorite) ... I guess the Mango Cafe (new) is getting positve reviews as well... Other ideas? Thanks.

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  1. Here is an earlier Chowhound thread from late last year:

    My favorite restaurant is La Lomita for chili rellenos, chicken mole, and frijole sopa. I take the ferry to Isla in three days. First meal will be at Picus. Mango Cafe sounds promising for breakfast the next morning. Then anywhere and everywhere. It is close to impossible to get anything less than a good meal on Isla. If you have the opportunity get away from El Centro (downtown area where the ferry lands) and hit the village areas - the various colonia's along the island.

    This guy has taken some great pics of Isla fare:

    I have a section on my site too:

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      Thanks Holly. When I did a search for Isla Mujeres restaruants here on CH nothing came up -- and I thought that was really strange. I'm looking forward to the chili rellenos at La Lomita, one of my all time favorite foods!

    2. I like Miramar as you can watch the fishermen and the ferries from there. Try Charlie O's if you like lobster. I also like the little French restaurant in the middle of town but can't remember its name - Bistro Francais I think.

      1. I just got back from Isla and ate a lot of great meals. I ate breakfast at Mango Cafe and Elements and enjoyed both meals. I also liked eating at La Lomita - great soups and chicken dishes. Yummy cart food by the supermarket - ate delicious grilled pork tacos. I ate dinner at Olivias and wasn't totally impressed. I also loved the flan sold by the lovely ladies who sat outside by La Lomita.

        It was also fun trying all of the seafood places by the ferrys. By dinner time, they were usually empty. Minino's made a strong margarita and the best whole grilled fish. I aslo liked getting drinks at the bar Bally Ho that was close by.

        There were so many places to try but I just didn't have enough time. I suggest staying away from the touristy Hidalgo street and venturing out to Mango Cafe.

        I'm thinking about going to Isla Holbox next year. Hopefully the food will be as good.

        1. Bringing this topic up again, any idea if they have squid in dishes on isla mujeres?? loveee me the squid ink

          1. Just back from Isla with a short note. Best meals were at La Lomita (absolutely wonderful chile rellenos, fish ceviche and outstanding - big enough to be a whole meal - sopa de frijoles). For fish, our very best dinner was at Rodriguez - which is the last one on the water as you go up toward Playa Norte. We all ordered the whole fish and they were huge and not overcooked, plus they give you a little complimentary guacamole and chips to start. Also picked up some ribs and chicken from Kash Keken-Chik (sp?) since it was a short walk from where we were staying - made a delish lunch. In that little village - Salina Chica - there's a perfect tortilla factory, a couple of little taco places (ran out of time to try them) and someone who sits on the corner selling fruit and veg. One night we took a taxi to Colonia Gloria to the supposed new location of Taqueria Cachirul, but it was closed (apparently for 2 nights in a row!) so we ended up instead at Medina Tacos nearby which had much better food than the Medina Tacos in Centro. The tacos pastor were great. Another recommendation is cheap, great fish tacos at the market (Alexia y Giovanna) and sopa de pollo at the stand right next to them (can't remember the name).

            That's it. I smuggled home a couple of mangos and some limes but it just doesn't feel the same here in Canada.

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            1. re: Nyleve

              Thanks for this- we leave in11 days, and are staying not far from La Lomita. that may be our first 'real' meal there!

              1. re: justme123

                I'm already jealous. It's such a neat island. One more recommendation. Have a drink at outdoor terrace bar of Casa Ixchel - on the Caribbean side of the island, about a 15 minute walk south of centro. The drinks are overpriced but the view is wonderful. They have what they call "complimentary tapas" after 5 p.m. It's not much but the margarita I had was nice and it's a romantic spot to sit for a little while.

                1. re: Nyleve

                  yes, this is our second trip--this year we are bringing friends, so so much for romance LOL. we did the ribs at the peso last year, and it was a lot of fun. I really like the quirky staff. my favorite was Olivia's and this other place that I seem to remember being called the caribbean or something like that. it was outside and in a courtyard on Higaldo. service was horrible, but the ambiance was great, food was good and we just laughed at the servers. they gave away a free glass of wine with your meal. red wine was served ice cold. white was room temp. all part of the Isla experience!

                2. re: justme123

                  Yes, La Lomita is one of the better places for local cuisine; anything ordered "Yucatan Style" is marinated in achiote paste, which is also locally known as "Tix n Chix." Taqueria Cachirul is great, but a little off the beaten path, near the southern end of Salina Grande. Mango Cafe is a great breakfast and early lunch spot; Lori's Baked French Toast is amazing; so are her Chicken Quesadillas. Also in the colonias....SesoLoco...La Bruja...Dasi & Raoul's...el Veradero (Cuban food...excellent mojitos, and a great hidden little spot)...Lolo Lorena's for Belgian cooking...on Sunday mornings get some Cochinita Pibil from places throughout the colonias (at the Municipal Market in town, too): it's pork marinated overnight in orange juice/achiote paste; then cooked in banana leaves until it falls apart. Get rolls from the supermarket, have an incredible lunch with it. Also good take out: La Mexicana chicken: 90 pesos ($7US) for a whole chicken, rice, tortillas, hot sauce, pickled onions. Get some salsa verde or roja from the super, you've got amazing tacos.

                3. re: Nyleve

                  I live here on Isla...the fish restaurant you mentioned is called "Velasquez," not Rodriguez. And it's one of my favorites, too.

                  1. re: IslaTom

                    You're absolutely right. Sorry about that. Velazquez it is.