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Jan 19, 2009 11:39 AM

6 girlfriends from out of town -- what AFTER dinner

Helping plan a 40th birthday party dinner celebration in early February -- 6 women (4 from out of town), narrowing down where to have dinner but now thinking about where to go AFTER dinner. Sip drinks, hang out, drink tea, maybe dance (maybe not), maybe music

- Scullers Jazz Club (expensive for just hanging out)

-Ryles Jazz Club

-dancing at Felt (and reserve a VIP table) -- loud?

-dancing at Rumor -- Hip Hop and Latino music night -- might be loud

-Go to Kings for bowling and billards

-Limelight or Courtside for Karaoke singing

-Tomb- Egyptian Adventure $20

-Blue Man Group (10pm show -- $50 each -- maybe really fun, but too expensive probably)

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  1. Was at Kings this weekend - eh....
    Felt is a very young crowd - eh....
    Ryles and Scullers are fine....

    Tying in with your other post, how about dinner at Persephone (and clothes shopping at the Achilles Project) then over to Drink (which I think is in the same 'hood) or over to Lucky's?

    Rumor and others are close enough to cab over if you want to get your groove on after.

    1. I have often seen groups just like yours at The Beehive. Cool atmosphere, good bartending, live music, usually jazz, with no cover. Caveats: there's often a line to contend with on weekends, and you probably want to dine elsewhere first.

      1. The Courtside is fun, but just be warned that it is pretty divey (although it has gussied up over the years). I like the place, but it stood out as a "one of these things is not like the others" from your list :)

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          Thanks for the head's up -- that was suggested by a friend and I didn't know much about it.

          1. re: RollingDoughnuts

            Definitely don't let what I said stop you - I do enjoy the place. Just make sure you're expecting a less "fancy" crowd if you go there.

            On the downside there, it's not really near a lot of highlights, you can walk to spots like Hungry Mother from there, but for people not used to city walking distances, it'd probably be a bit much.

        2. I took my son and his friend to Tomb a couple years ago. We had fun, but its really more of a kid place - definately not something I would do with my girlfriends.

          1. In no particular order:



            Eastern Standard good cocktail scene

            Grafton Street or Om in Harvard Square (again cocktails)

            Gaslight or Banq in the South End (again cocktails)

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            1. re: StriperGuy

              I second Beehive, but don't eat there.

              I also second Om for cocktails... and I hate to admit it, but Redline around the corner from Om has great dancing (DJ) even though it's a younger crowd. I'm 32 and I always have fun dancing there.