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Jan 19, 2009 11:28 AM

LuNello - an off day or past its prime?

we dined at LuNello in Cedar Grove recently for a family function and I was rather surprised at how mediocre the food was (several members of our party expressed this sentiment) in relation to how much good press the place seems to have. So could this have been an off night or is this one of those places that attracts a core group of diners whose sentimental haze may be interfering with noticing that the quality of the food isn't quite up to the prices charged?
Don't anticipate we'll be heading back there anytime soon. Just looking to see if my assessment was on target.

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  1. We've dined at LuNello many times over the years, and yes I would say we are fans. But that is not to say that every dinner we have had there was great. I do think that consistency is key for a good resto, but giving it another try might be worth your while. The last time we dined there (about 2 weeks ago) I had langoustinos for an app and they were outstanding. My SO had fettuccini alfredo with shaved white truffle, yum. I would suggest that going there on a Fri or Sat night might not be as good as during the week (even though every night should be the same). Hope you have a better dinner if you return.

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