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Jan 19, 2009 10:45 AM

Paciarino, Portland, ME

Despite the intense desire to not have to compete with everyone for a table at Paciarino, I have to encourage everyone to go there immediately if not sooner, and continue to support them so we don't ever lose this wonderful business! Fabiana is the nicest, most welcoming woman, and she and her husband have a great business model. You feel like you're eating at a friend's house, the music is lovely, the take-away treats enticing, but most of all, the pasta is amazing. I will be dreaming of the bolognese for weeks.


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  1. I hav;en't heard of this at all. Location? from your note, sounds like "red sauce Italian". Further details, please!

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      468 Fore St
      Portland, ME 04101
      (207) 774-3500

      Not sure what you mean by "red sauce Italian"...but it sounds negative to me. This is the real deal, true Italian pasta with the toothsome quality that only comes from fresh pasta. The sauces are beautiful and delicate and intensely flavorful. Perfect portion sizes--generous but not excessive. Each day the options are different.

    2. It looks as if they just opened recently, why would we lose them so soon?

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        They DID just open. It's incredibly hard to run a successful small business in Maine, and especially difficult to keep a restaurant alive, so it's important to support the good ones so they are able to remain viable. That was my only point.

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          I think it's an excellent point, to be sure, and we will try them asap. I guess if it's as good as you say, they should do very well in Portland. (And if they previously owned two restaurants in Milan, not only do they have experience, but they must have some start-up capital as well.) It's just that by all accounts they have a good word-of-mouth buzz and so on, so I wouldn't place a call-to-arms quite yet. That's my only point.

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            They also have stuff in the freezer/cooler that you can take home. I bought some of their sauce and a package of their spinach and ricotta ravioli and it was great. Fabiana was very nice ringing us up and gave my son and I some bread and oil to try. Can't wait to go back and have a sit down lunch.

            Couple of good links about it



      2. I saw a write up in the paper about them, but still a little confused - are they are mainly take out with just a couple of tables, or is there an actual dining rm? Could you go for a relaxing dinner?

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        1. re: maina

          There's a lovely dining room with several tables. They serve lunch only (plus pasta and sauce for takeout), no dinner. Highly recommended.

          1. re: cfrolio

            Thanks, didn't realize they weren't open for dinner.

        2. Just tried them on your rec this weekend, and was very happy with the choice!

          There were probably 10 tables- you order at the counter, sit down, and they bring it to you. There were about 8 choices, 3-4 pastas, 3-4 sauces in different combos. The staff was very friendly, and the food was excellent- nicely sized portions for one meal were between $8-10.

          My only complaint was that it was kind of hard to figure out the system at first. We stood there for about 10 minutes, behind another waiting customer, and they smiled nicely at us, but didn't indicate what we were expected to do- there was a chalkboard with the day's specials, but no indication that that was the complete menu, and that we would be expected to order when we got to the counter.

          Also- no wine, which was a big disappointment. But overall, I will definitely return!

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              I was in their shop and purchased stuff to go...very good sauces, great prices. Terrific selection of oils and condiments (I'm a condiment queen). They can't offer BYOB or wine by the glass since they already sell wine retail. In Maine, you have to have either an on-premise or off-premise alcohol license, and since they already have the off-premises type, will not be able to sell wine to drink with meals. Agreed, it's a sad fact.

              1. re: Shooley

                Yes, it is a sad fact.

                Thanks for the reply.

          1. I can't seem to find a link but Paciarino got a fabulous full-page write-up in The Boston Globe last week.