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Jan 19, 2009 10:32 AM

Looking for Rhubarb


I need rhubarb this week, even though it is out of season. Anyone know where I can find it in the SF Bay Area? Maybe imported from New Zealand? I recently moved here so any advice or tips are most appreciated.


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  1. Honestly, in my opinion, if you are doing a pie or sauce, frozen works best. I know it seems weird, but its one of those things. Kinda like tomatoes, 95% of the time, I use high quality canned as opposed to fresh, which I only use in peak season and only when it makes sense. You just end up with a better product.

    1. The Bay Area covers quite a range. What city are you in?

      The Berkeley Bowl is always the best bet followed by the Monterrey market. There are other places to look depending on if you are in SF, East, North or South Bay.

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      1. re: rworange

        Thanks for the tip. I am in San Francisco, in the Mission.

        1. re: yumbrooklyn

          I'm in the South Bay and had a similar need for rhubarb last year. After trying all the high end places, I found it at Lucky.

      2. Canned or frozen seems like a good idea. If it comes from half way around the world, how good can the quality be? If you really need fresh, you might try Berkeley Bowl.

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          Yeah, but in California we are just about to go into rhubarb season. There might be some already being grown in Southern California. I haven't seen it yet at any farmers markets, but then again i haven't looked.

          1. re: rworange

            Hi. Thanks for everyones help. I tried the Berkely Bowl with no luck. I actually need the rhubarb for a magazine story that comes out this spring/summer, so unfortunately I do need fresh. Any other resources within San Fran that you can recommend?


            1. re: yumbrooklyn

              You could go to the Tuesday farmers market at Ferry Plaza or the Wednesday civic center market and ask if anyone has any yet. You might even contact CUESA which runs the Ferry Plaza Market to see if they have any tips about any farmers that might carry it.

              Otherwise try talking to produce managers at Andronico's, Whole Foods or Mollie Stone to see if they can get anything for you.

              When I stop by the El Cerrito farmers market tommorrow I'll ask the vendor who usually sells it how far away it is from being ready.

              Well, if it is for a photo ... stock photos? Dye some celery red?

              1. re: rworange

                LOL! My first thought was also, maybe die some celery red. I suspect there's just not enough demand for rhubarb that they bother to import it.

        2. My fav store-Piazza's in San Mateo has it for 6.99 a pound

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            Random, but if you know anyone in the restaurant business, Cook's produce distributor definitely has hothouse rhubarb right now, maybe they could buy you a case...