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Jan 19, 2009 10:21 AM

Need some advise on fondu

I want to suprise my wife with a nice romantic dinner. A while back she bought a fondue set and she really wants to use it, so I thougt I would suprise her tonight. I have never had fondue and don't know what cheeses to use. I know that everyone here rocks and when ever I am in a pinch I can come here and you guys bail me out. What kind of cheese can I use and what items do I get to dip? Thanks for all your help.

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  1. Trader joes has a pretty good cheese blend for fondue, its in the refrigerated section and comes in a box. I think its typically swiss and gruyere cheese with some white wine.

    1. Try this swiss fondue. Its easy to make and soooo delicious :)

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        That video is pretty much the classic recipe, and basically how we've done it for years. I find I like the consistency a bit better if I use 2 Tb. of flour. The purpose of the lemon juice is to raise the acidity to keep things from separating but most wines are already acidic enough so it can be omitted, as I usually do.

        One thing to be aware of is that most fondue "sets" sold in this country are really for beef fondue, so have a pretty aggressive heat source and a thin metal pot, the combination of which adds up to burnt cheese. What you want for cheese fondue is something more like the traditional ceramic caquelon, although most of the ones I've seen in use in Swiss restaurants recently are enameled cast iron. The Le Creuset shown in the video is a perfect substitute.

        We usually just dip bread, but cubes of ham can make a nice addition.

      2. The Cheese Store in Beverly Hills. They even have their own suggestions of combining cheeses (they throw in a little appenzeller) and they will shred it for you. You'll need a dry white wine which you will heat and then slowly stir in the cheese to which you have added some flour and then a shot or two of Kirschwasser (yeah get the good stuff). French bread cut inot cubes for dipping and since it is to be romantic Roderer Champagne from France if money is no issue or Anderson Valley, CA. for a really good quaff. Good luck.

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          That's how we made cheese fondue at the German restaurant I worked at. Along with bread, you can serve lightly blanched veggies and slices of cooked sausage.

        2. An easy way is just to thin melted Gruyere with cream.

          1. The NY Times did a piece on fondue a while back. Here's the article; the sidebar on the left has links to recipes for a few variations.