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Jan 19, 2009 08:50 AM

urasawa....too expensive? help!

four of us want to try urasawa but the steep bill is giving us second thoughts.
any other option thats a little cheaper than urasawa but will provide a somewhat similar experience?
we can probably do $200 for the omakase per person and will have some extra for drinks.
the thing with Urasawa is that we need about $100 more per person
any rec's? or are we being foolish about saving $100 and should just make the rsvp at urasawa?

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  1. There is certainly nothing else like Urasawa in Los Angeles or California (and maybe just one other in the US). That said, if the price point is so far out of your budget range that it causes you a financial hardship then your experience may be ruined by the feeling that you splurged to the point where you could no longer enjoy your dinner. If that is not the case, then go to Urasawa.

    1. There really is nothing like it in California. I would recommend saving up and going. It is a experience you will remember forever.

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      1. re: funkyshanna we decide its a little too expensive for us now...what is the 2nd best choice? mori? sushi zo?

        1. re: samtron608

          Mori or Zo. You can't go wrong with either one.

      2. I'm gonna go ahead and call inaka seafood the budget urasawa lol

        clearly nothing comes close, but @80pp, it's close enough haha

        1. I went to Urasawa a few years ago and I still can't get it out of my mind. Yes it is expensive but so it sitting on the floor at a Laker game. You will have a Los Angeles food experience that is beyond comparison.

          The personal service at Urasawa is incredible. You have a master chef (Hiro) preparing your food directly in front of you. Further, Hiro will rarely be serving more than 10 people at the same time.

          The proteins that you get at Urasawa are just not available at most sushi bars. I had fugu (apparently off the menu now), kobe beef, and numerous varieties of clams and fish that I had never had before and haven't had since. The food was prepared right in front of us and was intended to be savored within seconds of its preparation. The attention to detail and quality of preparation is beyond what you can find anywhere else. Urasawa got two Michelin stars and I can not imagine what would else Hiro could do to get a third star.

          I too was concerned about the price at Urasawa and chose not drink water when I was there. I have found for me that alcohol takes away from my dining experience. If you want the best food experience in Los Angeles, then hands down it is Urasawa. Go to Urasawa and then go out for drinks, if you have any room, after dinner.

          As an aside, I went to Mori Sushi for the first time last Friday and thought that it was good but would not return. I did not feel that I was getting the value and level of service that I got at Urasawa. The cuts of sushi were great but quite small. Maybe we missed out on the experience by not sitting at the sushi bar. I especially felt that way when some punk kids were aiming a laser pointer in my face while they waited for a red light at Gateway and Pico. You cannot compare eating area with Urasawa (even without the laser pointer). We left hungry and went out for cocktails and bar food after dinner!

          Sushi Zo, where I have been fortunate enough to have been taken twice, is very good. Each piece of fish has been perfect. The dining experience and variety of food is way above average but is no where near the league of Urasawa. The sushi bar at Urasawa is an oasis.

          1. Why not just wait and save up a bit more $$ and go to Urasawa.

            Otherwise, you'll always be left wondering "what if..."

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              I would definitely wait and save the xtra $$ - it is THAT good... and even though it is insanely expensive, we left feeling it was worth every penny.

              Incidentally - we ate there with my folks who had recently been to Masa in NY which is MORE expensive ... they thought Urasawa was a hair better - not so much the food but more the total experience.

              Aside, I am also interested in trying Inaka - but I can tell you already it will be in a completely different league.

              1. re: truefoodie

                thanks all. urasawa it is. just gotta save a little bit more dough.
       on best day to go? is there a dress code? any tips?